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  1. I decide to lower myself and take a look into the Cess on account of the memorial to Boggsy theme, and what do I find? Shoddy workmanship, that is what. I know that accurate records might be a bit too much to ask of a mortgage banker, but the glaring errors and omissions in Red Jo Xia’s site truly indicate how far he has slipped into his dotage. Among the many errors: 1. CMPlayer is indeed a kanigget in the House of Ruin. He was sponsored by none other than myself in a moment of weakness. What can I say, he made me laugh. Once. 2. Capt. WildMan, our valiant man in blue, serving his country, and protecting us from terrorist, or papercuts, or somefink. Another Ruined Knight. 3. Chuppacabra, and he may even be a Seniour moment Knight. 4. Jshandorf, of jdmorse linage. 5. The lawyer known as Lawyer. Don’t make me have to straighten you out again Jo.
  2. You think? This would surprise me. I played a lot of Steel Panthers, but the moment I loaded CMBO, the Steel Panthers CD went into it's jewel case, and has yet to come out. CMBO has been put away since CMBB showed up. CMBB survives since CMAK is only marginally better, and covers different fronts. It has been the same for me across genre in computer games. IL-2 replaced other flight sims, etc... As far as how another company tops the CM series? They would have to do the same type of things that BFC has done. Attention to detail, realism, gameplay not sacrificed for eye candy.
  3. I cannot believe that this thread has gone on for 52 posts, while calling a number of generals that actually fought (albeit not always well) the worst, and NOBODY has mentioned Arthur Percival.
  4. BooBoo, I'd have thought you would have learned about asking for a map after I sent you and Wildman the Schloss Peng map.
  5. [unplugs ears] Well, that wasn't as bad as it could have been. I think I'd have needed therapy if you gave us your rendition of 16 going on 17.
  6. Ah, dear lady, perhaps you've had too much to drink, and not noticed that this thing that wandered in has been sent, and AFAIK is still in, Conventry. Don't talk to it unless you want to upset Jo Xia. We can't be getting the dear rent-a-car's blood pressure up now, can we?
  7. Don't think it would work. He's not wizened enough for a Gnome. More like a Keebler Elf.
  8. Speaking as a representive of religious zealots everywhere. We would much rather force flaming gas soaked rats down your throat. </font>
  9. You know you put a knee to the fork when the guy brags/whines about it. </font>
  10. Speaking as a representive of religious zealots everywhere. We would much rather force flaming gas soaked rats down your throat.
  11. That is because, simply put, you are an IDIOT, Herr Peng. I may be a slow learner, but even I have learned to say away from the political/religious threads on the GF. Bad for the stomach you know. Now as far as gay marriage goes, I am all for it. I mean really. Isn’t marriage supposed to be happy, and if not, why bother. Take my own marraige. I am rather happy with Mrs. Marlow, most of the time. At least those times she isn’t screaming at me. Mostly when she is asleep… oh … you mean GAY marriage. I have a little secret to tell. As a card carrying member of the VRWC, I know I am supposed to be all bent out of shape over the idea of those who hit from the other side of the plate getting hitched. But truth be told, I really don’t give a RATS ass about it. I do, however, draw the line at people who have “wedding” ceremonies for their pedigree pooches. For them I support the death penalty.
  12. R Leete Stop hanging out here and get back there and smack around some Crimsom Bastages. What's wrong with you? Nice to see you recovering YK2.
  13. Has anyone mentioned the Johnson LMG that the Special Service Force used? Selective fire, side loading rifle caliber ammo, bipod, light. Overall about the same as the FG42. Didn't make it into general usage either. Marines used it and the semi-auto rifle version as well, but preferred the Garand, and replaced them ASAP. I heard stories (true?) that Marines stole M1s from Army troops in the Pacific to get rid of their Jonhsons before M1s were issued to the Marines in enough numbers. Also, early versions of the BAR were selective fire. FG 42 wasn't really anything new. Sorry. Oh, and the LMG version also came with a pistol grip. [ February 20, 2004, 10:04 PM: Message edited by: Marlow ]
  14. Better my Johnston than your dingy. Anywho, more on the Johnton
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