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  1. Thanks so much! Very helpful. This is how it worked in the original CM isn't it?
  2. Strange to include the button but not have any function other than what appears to just be a regular move command.
  3. I have searched the manual. I have tried searching the forum but I can't find out how this is used in FB. It's been years since I played CM, so my apologizes for asking what may be a really simple question. TIA!
  4. Oh wow, thanks for that! ***spoilers*** Very nice to see him have similar problems I did. But I always forget to use smoke. I also never considered going down the left side through the trees. I got waxed by the AGS and the HMG big time. Then on subsequent tries by arty as well. Gotta keep moving I guess.
  5. I hate love this scenario. I cannot win from either side. Ever. It's driving me nuts.
  6. I drove a BTR80 into the line of sight of an unseen Tunguska. I almost fell out of my seat at the sound when it fired. Good lord. The 1/2 dozen red crosses that appeared in the follow seconds told me all I needed to know. Man do I suck at this game. Have tried 2 small scenerios, and can't ever win. Even repeating them. Ugh.
  7. Just started download. Getting between 50k and 500k. Varies all over. Blah. 3-5 hours to go. Boo.
  8. And how!! Pretty clear you don't want to be in view of any ATM's, especially if you're in an armored car. I am amazed that one of the vehicles survived the first shot, AND two guys got out after the second hit. Crazy stuff.
  9. So I got the new pc and holy crap it flys. Ran some RT scenarios last night and nearly 100% settings and had zero issues. Smooth smooth. Also a shout out to Puget Systems. Wow. What a company!! From the date I placed the order (Tuesday) it was 6 days till I got my machine. And I could follow the build in real time on the website. Complete with pictures and benchmarks as testing went along. Now if I could get this freakin elicencing thing sorted out on Normandy I'd be happy. Ugh. What a pita.
  10. Thoughts? I'm getting a new system and have a "wide screen" monitor already but it's probably 6 years old. I'm guessing its a 21? Wondering how well CM looks across dual screens. Does the bezel of the screens screw up the feel when placed side by side?
  11. >>I have the following desktop specs and it runs fine with CMRT at full blast Great to hear!! Cheers
  12. Thanks for all the input guys! Pretty sure I'll be happy with the upgrade! Today I ordered a 1TB drive from Amazon that I'll move existing data over to and install in the new system. Only thing that will be on the ssd will be the OS and CM. Fifty dollars for a super highly rated drive. Fifty bucks. Lol. Wow.
  13. Ended up going with a system from https://www.pugetsystems.com/ Asus Z97-A Intel Core i5 4690 3.5GHz Quad Core 6MB 84W Kingston 8GB DDR3-1600 (2x4GB) EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SATA 6Gb/s 2.5inch SSD Asus 24x DVD-RW SATA (Black) Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 w/ Window Antec TruePower New Series 650W Power Supply Cooler Master Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound Upgrade Windows7 Home Premium Lifetime warranty Labor and Support 1 year parts. Must say, was VERY impressed with customer service so far. Emailed them some questions and had replies in about 5 minutes. Yah, definitly costs more than building one yourself, but I don't wanna mess with that. They do all the burn in testing and stuff and I don't have to deal with any DOA parts. Also decided against trying the over clocking stuff. I figure I'm going from a 6 year old pentium something or another with an ancient hard drive to the I5 and the fastest SSD around, that should be plenty.
  14. Oh yah. That's the Samsung Pro SSD I was referring to. From what I'm reading it's the best around. Ps. Does CM support dual monitors?
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