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  1. Interesting, I know CM is heavily organization driven, with everything broken down by force orgs and what not, but is the research all and all more in depth than sources like this->http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/Japan/IJA/HB/HB-3.html<-do we know? I know literally every detail has been meticulously researched, and it makes sense not to use the Japanese because their records aren't exactly perfect, but would more sources like this be enough, I mean, I'd gladly do a bunch of research myself if it helped.
  2. Out of curiosity (I'm relatively new to the forum, please don't hurt me), why no Pacific? Wouldn't it mostly be island that are smaller than huge CMBN maps? I know jungles are the worst, but naval landings seeem feasible, now that they have amphibious vehicles...
  3. Is there any chance that the next dlc/update of CMBS may add the capabilities for amphibious landings (with landing craft, rather than BMPs)? I know CMSF had craft for that sort of operation (not sure if they could be waterborne or not though), I know I'm not the only one who would enjoy a few botched landings at Sevastopol
  4. *Before any starts, lets keep the Armata and its potential out of the discussion* So I've been having this civil debate with this person over which tank, in general, is superior. I know that there are quite a few tankers and tank enthusiasts here, and to be completely honest, my knowledge of armored warfare probably isn't entirely up to snuff. I'd also encourage the uses of sources, complete sentences, and historical examples and precedents (like the 1st and 2nd Iraq and Chechen wars, testing, etc.) And remember, we all love Russia and America equally, save any jingoism for later...
  5. Didn't see this created yet, so I decided to jump the gun. The siller the slaughter the better... Played a game, 4 Bradley's with no airsupport vs 20 Russian Infantry transports, the transports never had a chance, nor did their complement of hundreds.
  6. Well, that was understandably blocked quickly, but what I meant to elaborate on, was having things like, I dunno, an entire map shaped like the classic silly face of Kilroy, from "Kilroy was here".
  7. When I saw this, my first thought was, "brah, no chill", and then I thought, hey, that would be a pretty cool thing, a quick map easter egg hunt.....[ attachment=3032:Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.13.52 PM.png]
  8. If by a while, you mean like 10 minutes minimum, then yes...
  9. Real-Time on iron, I occasionally use the pause button for semi-complex maneuvers, but unless its like something like moving every individual unit in a battalion, the pause button isn't on very long... Same here...
  10. Is the link to the download sent by email or is it the old one?
  11. Still desperately trying to solve the .pkg problem for mac, the download issue has already been discussed...
  12. Does anyone know about the Mac question, anybody, I have the game I just can't install it...
  13. Still, very curious about the mac install question...
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