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  1. please can you also create the new (Gl module) AA truck/HT icons, i think that they will be raely usefulll thx marko
  2. i am also available if you like all modules
  3. thx i was realy waitng for these items!!!!! ps- a chance to have the cm-gl potraits too ( i know i am too greedy)
  4. is it correct that, in the luftwaffe infantry jager L battalion, the hq, the medium mortars and ammo teams are not from the luftwaffe but from the Heer ( troops uniforms and images)?
  5. also i have found that in the m18 hellcat the commander arms is overlapping the turret when he is unbuttoned
  6. the portrait is missing from the unit panel when you select the navy unit! i tried to put a bmp file with a german portrait with the label "portrait german kriegsmarine infantry" with no effect. the question is the portait missing or was not inserted/forgotten in the MG module? thx
  7. hello a strange thing occurred after dowloading the expansion for the PC the game is 1.10 version now, but when i go to the scenario editor there is no units selection, no flags to choose or units a pic of what i am sayng is attached if somebody can tell me what happened? marco image.zip
  8. Culex Pipiens

    cm sf

    someone interested in pbm game? marco
  9. you are interested any more? i will be glad to play marco
  10. dear all i will like to change the hot keys , expecially the : //camera forward motion <E>W //camera slide left <E>A //camera slide right <E>D //camera backward motion <E>S i will like to put the four arrows command keys, but the question is: what hae i to write .. up arrow.. arrow up... or whatever, i tried but got no result if some poty dude can help me ???? :eek: thx
  11. i have just finished a scenariom and find the same "problem", the spotter with clear LOS to the area and the rounds falling absolutely far away..... i can give a save if needed
  12. 501. fought from November (Tigers arrived in December) to January. Thereafter 504. arrived. I guess they just took over the tanks. At the beginning, only single-digit numbers were there, and just a few operational at any given day. Where did you get the kill numbers from, out of interest? </font>
  13. in tunisia fought the schwervpanzer abt. 501. it fought till 17th march 1943 when surrendered. it dostroyed almost 150 enemy tanks loosing only 10 tigers of which 7 scuttled before leaving. 20 odd tigers where used in all by the battalion in tunisia.
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