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  1. This thread makes me feel so warm, I can almost hug Emrys! Almost... Ok fine, not even close. But I had you for a second, didn't I! STILL, I'd like to pitch in my 2 cents about the forum... I've been a-lurking since my pre-teens (CMBO-era) so unlike many of you, I actually have a childhood-nostalgia thing going on with Battlefront, but unfortunately I can't spare $70 for awesome collectors CMBN. That said, simply being able to read and interact on the forum, to me, is priceless. NOTE: this is not an invitation to give me your money, I'm a spoiled suburban kid as it is
  2. In the interest of semantics, should it be "rain", or "reign", or can either be used in this situation?
  3. So, just being a bit of the Devil's advocate, but... Would a game in '39-'40 even be fun for anyone but the most hardcore enthusiasts? I'll be the first to admit to not being an early war grog, but I don't imagine there were many tactical instances of French, Dutch, Belgian, or Polish units not getting steamrollered by the Germans. If there are, I'd be fascinated to learn more about them.
  4. Fascinating, huh? I sense that you don't approve of my Sherman-rush tactic...
  5. I can tell you the sounds are positively better than CMSF (especially small arms, but then again it shouldn't be that hard to have better small arms sounds than what stock CMSF had ), but the build we got to see still had place holders from CMSF (or so it seemed), and I believe sound is bound to be polished even more for the final product.
  6. Lost like, a dozen Shermans to one cornered Panther, for the win. In any case--my impressions? Looking good all around; bocage is a totally new element and I think it's great, vehicles looking nice and shiny, etc. one thing that stuck out to me (in the limited space of combat that actually occurred) was the way combat played out. It's completely different playing CMX2 in WWII, and I felt realism when I watched stuff play out, almost like actually seeing the combat you fantasized about in CMBO. It was really fun and felt distinctly different from CMSF. I'm a buyer now for sure, if I wasn't already. I'm very satisfied with the product I saw, and it's only going to get better as progress on the game continues. I'll post more later, I'm in a rush and just wanted to kick off more feedback
  7. That wiki page needs an update! It doesn't list the NATO module as having been released yet.
  8. Oh, really!? What exactly do you mean by "different" video drivers? Older? Newer? Alternative? I've got an Nvidia GeForce 260GTX, I thought the driver issues were all smoothed out when they fixed the shader problem (thanks a ton for that btw, BFC).
  9. So now the important question is, will there be strippers? Strippers dressed in 1940's French garb... No but really though, I'm in
  10. Oh, right. Totally didn't bother reading the next 10 or so pages. There goes that nanosecond.
  11. That's how it works around here, as I understand. Have a go! It's good fun. Just be warned that once you commit to staying here, you also surrender your right to claim membership with the human race. You wanker! oh... I needed that.
  12. I figure a classic Russian wave ought to do it. We just need the bodies... Bring your thermals!
  13. I tried lowering the graphics to minimum but still can't load the save game without an "Out of memory" crash. But thanks for suggesting. I'll try playing with slightly lower graphics from now on and see what happens.
  14. I know its not helpful to you but I'm pretty sure this qualifies as jumping the gun. On the counts of... CMBN isn't exactly imminently releasing. Battlefront doesn't have a history of elaborating on module content, especially this early on. Battlefront especially doesn't have a history of elaborating on more-or-less distant release dates.
  15. I'm playing a turn-based hotseat game of CMSF; medium-large size (two Marine companies with armor take an insurgent-held urban area with a rural/suburban perimeter). The game unexpectedly crashes, citing some sort of memory error or another. Upon trying to boot my most recent save, the game crashes--Fatal Application Exit window reading simply, "Out of memory". I'm unable to do anything besides hit the enter key and return to desktop. It does this every time I try to load the savegame now. Is the scenario somehow salvageable? Is there something I can do in the future to help minimize the chance of this occurring? Why does it happen? Thanks in advance.
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