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  1. http://www.wilsoncenter.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=wq.essay&essay_id=496613 Pretty good article, amazing how for robot warfare has come. Scouts Out.
  2. One of my neighbors here in Thornton CO died there, Marine LCPL Thomas Slocum. I know his parents, and walk past his memorial several times a week. http://www.fallenheroesmemorial.com/oif/profiles/slocumthomasj.html
  3. "So take a chill pill and realize you aren't the only foce in the universe and accept the fact that other people should get a shot at something they want to see, not just you." You see, I knew I didn't matter to you. I'm just a self-centered customer who can only think about himself. Hmmm. Yes, selfishness defines a customer all right. I thought about myself every single time I bought your games, and recommended them to others. They were fun! And they were fun because of the game engine, authenticity, and subject matter. You've taken a vital leg away from that stool, and still expect
  4. Ugh. What's the motivation to come here and post our preferences then? I've been around since many months before CMBO; supported BFC through many games; talked a lot of friends into buying their games; in short, I have been the very definition of a loyal customer. I wish them all well, regardless, but I am now a skeptical customer: I doubt I will like the subject matter, and I really doubt there is sensitivity to what I want in the next game.
  5. At least as good a choice as Harriet Miers for U.S. Supreme Court. Yes it's all about you and not your customer base. And of course the game engine will be so good we'll forget we don't care in the least about the subject matter. I think you may have taken your finger off the pulse of the people who pay you. I'll try the demo. I am very skeptical. Hope you sell enough to get to game #2. I doubt I'll be one of them.
  6. No American Robins chirping away in ambient sound mode this time I hope. European swallows only. Unladen flight speed modelling optional.
  7. Thanks, I will certainly go there. Hopefully they have WW2 vehicles as well as the Warsaw Pact ones in the link you gave. I will try to take pictures.
  8. Next week I'm headed for Kiev, Ukraine; is there a good WW2 museum there? Anyone?
  9. Last day of June... Seconds ticking away... The red digital readout inexorably marches to 000...
  10. Thanks for the swift reply Hubert. That is truly great news. It's beginning to feel like a great game.
  11. My pet peeve from SC1: Strat bombers had to bomb through the ground unit on a city before they were able to bomb the city. Bogus, of course. I'm hoping for real strategic warfare that makes a difference. Has this been addressed in SC2?
  12. Moon, is this the same something that you mentioned over in the CMAK forums recently? Or is that a CM something that will be mentioned in a "couple of weeks"?
  13. Canadians arise! Your time has come at the Scenario of the week. A mixed Canadian force goes after... a winery! Man does life imitate art and vice versa, or what? I'm thinking the Germans don't stand a chance in this one. The Canadians must be fanatic, eh? Post your AARs, your plans, your tactics, your favorite wine to go with this one.
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