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  1. You wouldn't have to worry about anything eelse from then on!

    Interesting it is supposed to detonate on the ground - I wonder how much fallout a 9 Mt ground burst would generate??

    There were 2 types. One designed to generate a lot of fallout and one not.

    Scary to think back to those times.

  2. Sorry – late to the discussion.

    But I also have a suspicion that the current mechanics of CMBN are contributing. In my limited experience, the CMBN battlefied seems way more harsh. There is just hardly any cover anywhere. This appears to mean that the guy who spots the other guy's bulk of force first and manages to shoot at them gets rolling advantage. Once you're on the back foot, there's no-where to hide...


    Lack of cover yes – but also it feels to me like there’s a lack of concealment. Spotting seems too quick to go from sound to visual contact. And then, once you are spotted fire seems too deadly. Especially against buildings.

    I don’t think they’re far off, but I do think they may still need tweaking. Maybe when more games have been completed while patched we’ll get a better feel for it.

  3. The map is flat and loaded with bocage.There are no good vantage points for the fo.It is loaded with hedges, trees , and bocage.He wont have a clear los to the target or spotting rounds, so the arty will most likely not be accurate.So why buy alot of arty?

    It can be on-map, as in mortars, accurate and instant if he has direct LOS. Otherwise a 6 minute delay and can be called from an officer with a radio. A bit of planning on his behalf and he's golden.

    If you can get some long sight-lines the best defence is HMGs out of reach of the Garand. But if it's a very dense map it sounds like you're going to need infantry. A good thing about German infantry is that the firepower doesn't decline in a linear fashion with the manpower, as it roughly does for the US. As long as you keep your guys in place so they can recover the LMG they're pretty hard to root out.

    I love the 105mm StuH's, and the StuG continues to be a bargain. German players generally lean on armour and so should you. Using them keyholed where you can either force his armour forward to cover and so be exposed or just hit him with a load of HE.

    If it were me, I'd go for a forward defence, going forward from your deployment area with a 1/3rd of your infantry, hitting the US and stopping the infantry advance, possibly trying to pick off some armour with the StuGs, then falling back to the next line before he brings down his arty. No more than 4 minutes in any one place, like a bank job.

    You need to find the holes in the bocage (turning shadows on to see where the gaps are helps) and have your guys by them to rush forward, hit his guys and run back, with a second line behind the bocage covering them.

    The other great thing about an approach like that is it stops the watch-movie-click-go borefest some defences can become.

  4. Infantry is only used to spot. Get 105s and mortars with a screen of infantry in front and blast your way through. Don't try to be stealthy, go loud and kill everything in front of you.

    Shell suspected enemy concentrations before you get there. It's useful to think to yourself "where will I be in 6 minutes" and call arty on where you will be fired upon from.

    Infantry finds the enemy, engages and sits where it is, bring in the 105s and hit anywhere you see contact.


  5. Agreed. I enjoy both my 24" lcd monitor and my 60" led-lcd tv. The latter is slightly harder on the eyes but really does bring the battle to life. If a pixeltruppen retreats off my TV to my couch, I'll be sure to get him a forum account and introduce him.

    I think, were he one of mine, I'd be too busy trying to pry his fingers from my neck.

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