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  1. If I read the OP correctly, it is this he was trying to do but got the error report shown in pic 3.

    I did have the same problem at odd times where the game and folder names were different, and corresponded with GAJ about it but we never managed to isolate a specific cause. Not happened now for a while though (fingers crossed!).

    What I did find worked at the time was to move the first file manually to the dropbox folder and THEN direct H2HH to find it. It seemed to work then linking up when the file was there, rather than it trying to move the first file to an empty dropbox folder. Hope this helps.

    That is my issue, yes.

    I've got to turn 20 on my current game and it's not started working so I'm a bit stumped.

    I can play through but it'd be nice if it worked :)

  2. Hi all - long time no see.

    I was wondering if I could ask for some h2hh help here?

    I've started a game and my opponent shared a Dropbox folder. I can access it but h2hh doesn't accept the folder.

    My install looks like this:


    My Dropbox is in F:\Dropbox\Dropbox

    with my game folder being


    although the game itself is "Wittmann's Demise" (although from the way I've been playing, looks like he's going to make it this time).

    I try to set my game to the correct folder (F:\Dropbox\Dropbox\G&A) from this


    However h2hh refuses


    If I try and game chat it says "That game doesn't have a dropbox, so no chat!"

    Does anyone know why, and what I can do to sort it - it seems a great tool, cheers GaJ.

  3. "Pinched" so as to make Lucas almost completely unoriginal. Personally, I do not want to make a fetish of originality. I think pinching here and there, now and again, is fine as long as you do something interesting with it. Clearly, millions of people feel that Lucas did. That's where I part company with the masses. I groaned all the way through the original Star Wars movie. Not only was it derivative, hackneyed, and trite, it was incredibly lame. I wanted my money back.


    I felt exactly the same when I saw it for the first time.

    I was 11.

    Nothing in the intervening time has changed for me.

  4. CM is a game about combined arms. There weren't much of any on that front really.

    If you want to play it, make the Commonwealth forces Japanese - strip out the mortars, the Fireflies, the rapid artillery, the Bren Carriers...the airforce, the 6pdrs the Crocodile, the Vickers...anything other than the Lee-Enfield really.

    Ratchet the fanaticism up to 11 and you're ready to rock.

  5. The airframe looks a good shape, which is a good 30% of how a modern fighter will perform.

    The engine will be an unremarkable Soviet design from the 80s, the training to use it limited and the avionics on the level of a Sabre.

    Any competent airforce would treat them as a speedbump.

    But still - better than what they have probably, and good for morale. You could almost imagine the design bureau's brief being "Make it look like Thunderbirds".

  6. Huh? Where did I say that? The remainder of your post was interesting and true SFAIK, but I don't see how it addresses either what I posted or your paragraph immediately above.


    He missed that you were talking about the TV reconstruction. Easy enough to do with your tangled prose.

  7. Hello, Andy! Yes, it's me. It's been a while, hasn't it? How are you?

    Great. Sam and I are married as of August - you know, 11 years, two kids a dog and a house it was probably time.

    Been through a couple of jobs - enjoying this one I started a month ago, it's more front-end consultancy plus I get commission.

    I don't really play CM any more but I drop in the forums occasionally. How's life treating you?

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