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CMx2v4 WWII: Basic Movement Stats

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I enjoy visiting church towers in real life. But, in CM they are just asking to get blasted. And the same goes for houses, barns, and any woodland that over looks my line of advance. As for unrealistic ammo usage. My understanding of CM as always been that we are playing in that period of the day when the boys at the sharp end were in action, as opposed to the hours of boredom that often made up their days.

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Yeah, "command push" vs "recon pull".

In the latter, you're starting a battle without committing many (or any) forces, sending out recon units to find the enemy, then developing the attack from there. In the former you start out by developing an attack on a position, whether or not there's an enemy there. Your recon is then focused on "fighting for information", since it's all happening at the same time as the attack.

The advantage to the former is simplicity and speed of action - you can progress an attack way before your opponent is ready for it, and overwhelm a weak position or timid opponent with tremendous concentration of firepower. The disadvantage is that if you run into heavier opposition than expected, you'll lose a ton of people, and may not be able to make headway. You're trading flexibility for power. The disadvantage of recon pull is that you can end up defeated in detail, and waste a ton of people trying to catch up to an opponent three steps ahead of you.

The important bit is that it's *not* about throwing troops into the meat grinder, although that can happen - it's more about committing to a tactical line and developing it to the best of your ability, with all the resources under your command. 

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