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What game am I playing?

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4 hours ago, Oliver_88 said:

Well come on now be honest, someone's been messing about with the strings.txt, haven't they.

No, I legitimately did not.


3 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Either that, or you have some re-installing to do!

That's what I have to do it looks like. No problem!

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That is the kind of UI you can see when one of two things happens: a mod tweaks string.txt or you install has sucked in content from another game.

  1. Mods like Vin animated text have to match the exact title and version you are playing otherwise the strings from the string.txt file are loaded in unexpected ways. If you have any mods you can remove them and test to see if it fixes things. If it does then you can add the back until it breaks or otherwise investigate which mode is responsible.
  2. The way the installer works can cause trouble. For  PC: When you dl from BFC you get a .zip file that contains a setup .exe and some other files. If you unzip these file into anything other than a clean empty directory you will have problems. Do not ever run an install that has not bee unzipped into its own empty folder.
  3. I suppose you could also end up here by installing one title over top of another title.

If you end up reinstalling do *not* just install over top of your messed up game. This string craziness is caused by the presence of too many/wrong .brz files a reinstall will not remove any files that do not belong.

If any of that fails to fix things you need professional help - no not that kind the support kind: Battlefront Help desk :D

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