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2 hours ago, RCE_Spr said:

It was a hill the Russians built up when they were there.  The Canadian's occupied it as a FOB as you can see it is the high ground.  The circle, if I remember from my time there was a weapon pit for Artillery or perhaps a tank.  Anything west of that FOB was called the bad lands, if you were looking for a fight just travel west for a bit you would find it, but that was all after OP MEDUSA.  There are several similar mounds the Russians built while they were in the area, we mostly avoided them as they were heavily mined by the Taliban, as well there were/are Russian legacy minefields in the area to the North of the AO but we never took any chances, Engineers were invaluable and were on every patrol, there were never enough of them.

Quality information.....Cheers!  B)

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the 'hill' as we call it - also seems to have a road leading up to its top (I guess this must be obvious) see pic !


it would be Nice to have this.. probably acts as a good lookout. ?



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