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  1. I really admire all of the new uniform mods that have been coming throughout Combat Mission games. I would really like to get in on it, but I don't know how to Reskin. Is there a video on how to do so? Or a set of instructions on what to do? I have tons of great ideas.
  2. Is there anyone doing anything with MDS Files? Im curious about what can be done with them.
  3. So as some of you ma know I recently added foregrips to the M4. The problem I'm running into now is that I cant add them to the M4 with ACOG. I'm parenting all the pieces together and joining them together. but when I go to export it to my z folder, the regular M4 w ACOG is the only thing that shows. I tried renaming everything accordingly but to no avail. Can someone help me out? I've also been trying to replace the ACOG with a different scope. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  4. I have a question. I was able to add the foregrip to the M4 with the red dot scope. But for some reason the m4 with ACOG wont seem to work. any tips?
  5. bro this would be epic if you could get them to fly.... I'd grab a beer and jump for joy!!!
  6. Would it be possible to mod the soldier to where he's wear a plate carrier instead of the IOTV? Just curious.
  7. @Frenchy56 here's the guide that I used. as far as getting to the weapons and equipment files. Al you have to do is place all the BRZ files in Rezexplode. Explode the files and you'll be able to open them in Blender.
  8. I don't. I imported the ACH and the goggles into Blender and parented them together. then I exported the new ACH into a different folder in my desktop under the name as the ACH from the original MDR file. I put that into my Z folder and it happen to work. but I have no clue about how to do textures and turning them into a BMP file. I got lucky.
  9. Awesome. That would bring a lot more authenticity to the infantry. I've already done a foregrip mod and goggle mod. how do I add it to the mod website?
  10. Ok the link should work now. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aqN3j9210g94OXBG1fcj7kqIRK63FIcn
  11. Here is the link to it. to the download https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1aqN3j9210g94OXBG1fcj7kqIRK63FIcn
  12. Ok so I'm ready to upload a mod. I went on a few good men. But have no clue where to upload.
  13. I used the rotate idea before and joined it to the helmet and saved it but when I went to test it out all I got was helmetless troops with a picture of the helmet BMP attached to their foreheads. weird. Or when i try attaching a foregrip to the M16 with the acog the rifle disappears. weird lol
  14. oh ok I see. Thanks for the info. the other problem I'm facing is attaching the night vision goggles onto the ACH, but flipping them so that they stay up. anyway I can get help with that?
  15. So I finally figured out how to add foregrips to the M4. I will be posting pictures of that soon. Its my first working mod so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm still trying to get the M16 working though. Another mod I'm trying to get accomplished involves NVGs. I'm looking to do two different styles. I'm looking to flip the NVGs so that they are lifted up and one without the NVG and one with just the mount. I need help on how to flip it up in Blender so ill be able to attach them to the ACH. This will be a great mod. Just need a little help for you guys.
  16. ok I figured out how to add Foregrips. I saw on a video recently that its possible to do helo landings. how an I use it in SF2 with the UH-60.
  17. Question. Is there anyway that we can get Rhino mounts on the ACH and foregrips for the M4? I just feel it would give the weapons and infantry a more realistic look. Can anyone make that happen?
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