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  1. As much as I agree with the 1st amendmend, the staff has told me to keep this tasteful. I'm not sure how they'll view posting MK fatalities. I figured I'd pass on the wisdom I was given. With out opening a can of worms. I'm not sure I honestly understand Battlefront's decision on blood. Please DM me for further discussion. I'll be posting some blood identifiers later from other games as soon as I paste them together. Hope you can comment.
  2. Did a 2hr hotseat battle with Churchill AVREs and infantry, it was ridiculously fun but took hours and hours.
  3. Do you think another way to view past trees would need to be developed or would the entire map just be littered with stumps or partial stump. Or do you think jungle would be portrayed differently? Would Tunnels be like CMx1 tunnels? I appreciate your input Chris. This was my understanding for awhile now.
  4. First, I'm pretty sure it's evident I addressed everyone else with reciprocal respect who wanted to actually talk about it instead of just spew ridiculous ageisms. Expressing your opinion is far different than coming right out of that gate with. "We're not as desensitised to the carnage as the younger set, and don't need additional gore to bring home to us that "Men just died!"" This is pretty backhanded, and disrespectful. "go back to Call of Duty, plenty of blood and gore to sate your appetite. :rolleyes:" Again, disrespectful, toxic attitude. "Discussion over." Again, disrespectf
  5. Heres your reply SLIM as it seems you feed off the negative attention: Seems like everyone here but you and Womble have the capacity to not act haughty, raging and toxic to "newcomers" to posting here. You are the face of the community though. YOU, know what's best for everything. Sorry I forgot. I've met plenty of people in the real world who do NOT post on the forum so your view of the Battlefront customer is probably really detached from reality. The number one complaint I've gotten from trying to get friends or colleagues to either buy or who already have bought a CMx2 game was e
  6. Go play a boardgame with counters and a topo map then. As I've purchased most of their entire series I'm surprised to see that I'm completely discounted as a part of the playerbase. Maybe the self importance I'm getting from this post is why I've lurked for a long time since I first bought the cmx1 series years ago. I'm sorry my career in the military and government work has lumped me squarely with young desensitized sods. Leading men in battle and simply wanting a pat on the bum when you screw up and get them all killed is insulting more than having blood to remind you of how ridiculous
  7. I read it shows up for vehicles too, which seems like a huge detractor. Nevertheless, I thought it was a very good idea and workaround. I have combat experience and I find the cleanliness is pretty off-putting. Doing BDA for an airstrike or clearing an enemy position you'll see tons of blood trails, body parts and the like. It's one of my only complains about CM's visuals. They solved my only other complaint which would be visual indications of penetrations on vehicles. My question is what's stopping them from implementing blood? This game is far too complex for kids to play anyway.
  8. Since this is a thread for discussing old hat I'd like to say I'd love to see bloode and gore in CM.
  9. The MP40 magazine release is a button where the PPSH is a paddle am I correct?
  10. My mistake. Yeah I think two things happened. I didn't have my MANPADs close enough and both enemy and friendly helicopters were attacking at the same time .
  11. Is CAS in Black Sea really this retarded? Currently lost several vehicles to TOW hits from my apaches. The AI decided to rush the further most forest/ house where your recon element starts. I moved UAV coverage and had very good eyes on their unsupported tanks. I called in the apache and it immediately started launching TOWs at my own guys. Not splash from 30mm or rocket fire or whatever. Litearlly targeting the buildings and vehicles of my guys exclusively. Red arrows indicate direction of TOW fire. Do Apaches exclusively shoot from several feet off the ground? All TOW missiles w
  12. I've lost a king tiger to hand grenades (no not satchels, not AT grenades)
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