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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Quick question. Is there a thing in the single player missions where the ai has access to unlimited artillery? I am playing one of the russian single player campaign thingies and the opponents(ukranians with some attached americans) seem to have constant streams of artillery everywhere i move, even when i use trees and terrain to block line of sight. This is really annoying cause i would have troops held in reserve for use later behind the front lines and suddenly arty wil start raining on them and causing vehicle losses and casualties. Now is it cause the americans might have a drone up that they are using to observe or is just something the ai is allowed to do cause it's kinda dumb when it comes to actually reacting to the player
  2. So I spent a lot of time to put together an artillery table for Russia and the USA. Currently Ukraine is completely missing. My main motivation was that whenever I was putting together an ORBAT, I had no idea about artillery strike call in times and available ammunition. Now I can check and compare it very easily. I am sharing it with everybody in case also somebody else finds it useful. Please note there is a sheet for each nation, and everything was recorded with Elite difficulty settings and Regular experience levels (for both arty and spotters). Link to CMBS Artillery spreadsheet
  3. Modern CM games include artillery that can hit targets much more accurately than traditional artillery. How good is it really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj85GLezCWE
  4. Does anyone have any good references for indirect fire? Questions: How to use? - General Command and control - dos and don't How to decrease delay? How to improve accuracy? Limitations and considerations of the "Cancel' and "Adjust" order. Other helpful hints. It seems that my troops have a lot of difficulty hitting what they target, if they fire at all. I've done a search on the forums and come up with; more than 70 results for Arty and 125 for Mortar. It would be nice to find a comprehensive guide, tutorial, or video. Or series.
  5. This is a hopefully simple question for everyone: How do you utilize your fire support - do you use the whole gamut of options? Emergency, harrassment, medium, light, etc along with quick, short, medium, long missions? Under what circumstances do you use which combinations? Do you use linear targets, area targets, point targets, and what do you use each on? For me, effective use of fire support has always been my weak spot. One can always improve via vague forum questions!
  6. I've been using a lot more artillery since you explained that modern FISTers strive to deliver first round FFOs. The idea of keeping a running plot of an up-to-date overlay ready to go makes perfect sense to me. But after throwing 30 or 35 TRPs out on a huge map, it occurs to me to ask why a grid? Surely there's a more efficient form than a rectangle. Dazzle us with your wisdom, FO, and we will lift your heavy **** for you.
  7. I must either have a run of incompetent FOs or something I'm missing here. Most every call for fire mission I've done uses UAV spotting in commo with a FO, yet my fires are wildly off the mark. "Fire for effect" is called even though the spotting rounds are nowhere near the target, hence my fire missions are not on target. I've fired "precision" missions where the first round hit in front of the vehicle, second attempt behind the vehicle, no damage either time. I've had fire missions visibly impact off the map, linear smoke missions way off the mark, etc, etc. What gives?
  8. Please teach me how to beat 4th mission of "THE ROAD TO NIJMEGEN" campaign. 300 meters of open terrain guarded by dug in machine guns and pak40s surrounded by marsh that insta-tracks any vehicles that try to wade through it. I thought I would shell/bombard one side until I can clear it with infantry but no matter how many direct hits I can't seem to injure anyone inside. The picture I uploaded is from an airstrike that didn't kill or wound anyone. This was after a previous strafing run and a maximum barrage from 25lbers. Hopefully this hasn't been discussed too much and I appreciate any help guys.
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