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  1. They could use the vee formation on offense with the Middle tank having the turret facing forward and the two side ones facing left and right to cover the flanks . Better than nothing . Commanders should be unbuttonned unless clear and present danger is present. Against a modern opponent, the T-72B3 is more of a mobile decently armored anti tank gun used in defense , ambush style (narrow firing arcs with limited exposure with thermal signature reducing camouflage) than anything else. It's obsolete as an offensive weapon against any modern western style force. Ukraine is not modern. Adding relikt and a commander's panoramic sight with good thermals like they plan (planned ?) to do with the B3M would greatly increase the tank's usefulness and combat worthiness in a modern high intensity war setting.
  2. Indeed, I would not fight in one. I value my life too highly. I went inside a t-72M once .. so small. No space for anything getting through the armor to avoid you and the ammo. À fiery screaming death is what awaits you if hit by anything heavy and western. (It can survive RPG penetrations though) Thats why the armata is so important and they should empty the coffers for them. Even T-90AMs would be an improvement.
  3. The b3s are severely criticized in the russian army itself. Dont know why they dont upgrade them at 500 000 a piece to make the changes.
  4. They specifically say they were going to upgrade the T-90As to AM standard . This is not imagined. If they changed their minds again or the article is incorrect that's not my fault.
  5. You're right, 2015. But i've read elsewhere that conversion of t-90as to t-90am standard is going ahead.
  6. also in small quantities... like 75 of them.. but still a big step up from "hypothetical to beef up the russians in the game" to actually being adopted and fielded by the russian army. So prescient from Battlefront.
  7. I was not talking about four of five months ... more a year... which would put the T-90AM at the end of the game's timeframe.
  8. any russian speaker here can look for additonal info on the state of the T-90AM program as referenced in that article from january ? any updates on the russian side of things ?
  9. Anyway, both sides are dangerous enough to be able to limit the other side in their objectives. I dont say that Russia will rip through NATO because of EW. Of course its a complex interaction.Strategically speaking, in the modern world, a military solution is NEVER a solution. There are all kinds of bitter fruits for anybody. The US knows about this pretty well.
  10. I agree with repetition ... but what we know in the west and what is happening could be very different. They probably changed a few things and shook things up. I dont read russian and most of the best sources are in russian. There could much more data available using russian open sources. They are pretty critical of the government for the few articles I tried to read using google translate. Drove me crazy. Western sources are usually pretty outdated. For all we know.. there could be a bataillon of them operational and we wouldnt find an article in the western press.
  11. How do you know that mature adaptive jammers are not available to Russia ? Even US generals admit their capabilities are "eye watering". Or they could be exagerating the threat for getting increased funding .
  12. That"s true for earlier russian and western tanks . T-90 commander's sight is way better and of course then you have the panoramic sights on the T-90AM and T-72B4. Focusing only on the front is bad indeed. Unbutton if you dont have the optics to have 360 degrees awareness.
  13. You are very sarcastic and agressive .. Killing a tin can like the BRDM-2 or hummer is not the same as killing even a striker. I was saying the RPO is underpowered against very light armor and walls. Thats all. Not a wunderwaffe . It is claimed to be effective against soviet light armor.
  14. T-90am is not as big an improvement as the armata .. quite doable. They wont fail forever . In fact , this is not a totally new tank . They may not modernize all of them .. but even 200 will mean that battlefront was right in including them in the game. In fact, Steve himself preferred that course as more realistic for Russia than the Armata program.
  15. Well batllegront was prescient again. The T-90am will be adopted in numbers by the russian army. The change is due to less favorable economic conditions. All T-90a tanks will be converted to T-90am. Thats around 500-600 tanks. First batch will be received by the end of 2016. Additionally , 150 T-72Bs will be converted to the T-72B4 or B3M standard. . It has a panoramic sight with thermals for the commander, a new gun and ammo, new FCS and Relikt armor. First batch of 32 will be received in the autumn. (2016) http://www.globalresearch.ca/russias-military-modernization-tank-fleets-and-ground-forces/5499117 http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/russias-first-post-syria-move-stronger-t-72-battle-tanks-15500 I would love to see the B3M/B4 in the game.
  16. Not a problem, NATO will easily defeat Russia in any scenario. Losses will be minimal and the Russians are in for a rude surprise . Russia thinks it is way bigger than it is in reality. So is China. If they think they can challenge western benevolent hegemony in the world they are seriously deluded or incompetent, probably both Their weapons are still second best in a lot of areas and the best they have is only available in small numbers. Most of their equipment is cheaply upgraded soviet era junk. Electronic warfare is not a worry. Western weapons and comm gear are hardened against jamming. Their soldiers range from fairly good (but still inferior to a similar western soldier) to third world rabble only good to die in droves. The Western armies are made for war and very well funded. They have experience, technological superiority and numbers if given enough time. The USA especially. They have a martial culture that permeates the whole of their society. Only nuclear weapons makes Russia a threat but it can't use them unless they want to commit national suicide. Finally, Its economy is slowly being strangled by the West financial's supremacy. The Russian civilisation is slowly dying and the Western one is there to stay. There you go, you now have the forum's majority opinion.
  17. Yes but the RPO is made to be effective against light armor.. it is not effective in the game.. the video is not a proof but it is in the official specs See that link: http://www.defensereview.com/new-rpo-shmel-m-infantry-rocket-flamethrower-man-packable-thermobaric-weapon/ effective against light armor. It has penetrative abilities against light armor and walls. No need to hit a window to achieve an effect.
  18. A few months ago there was a discussion about RPO being nerfed. We did some test and it DID give a strong boost in urban combat to Russian forces if used in mass. Individual firings were a hit and miss on a regular two storey building. I found some videos where an RPO destroys a BRDM-2 AFV on youtube. I went into the game to do some tests and it had no effect against the 7mm side armor of that cardboard AFV and this despite multiple hits. Yup, IR optics and wheels were taken out but the vehicule protected its crew and was not destroyed. It also had no effect against humvees, armored trucks. As for firing at infantry in buildings, again I found it must pass through a window to have any effect inside a building. Only one out of four rockets did kill or wound soldiers inside even a small house building. It took 5 of them to collapse that same small building. In real life, it can penetrate walls and explode inside, thus its effectiveness against light armor. A lot of sources rate it as powerful as a 155m shell. Even if that`s exagerrated, a 122mm equivalency would be reasonable. It would not take 5 of them to collapse a small house. Maybe it would imbalance the game too much to give the RPO its due.. Data is much less readily available on open sources contrary to WWII era titles where exquisite details can be obtained and stuff modeled very accurately. I do not question Battlefront's commitment to realism and accuracy in its WWII titles. here`s the RPO video:
  19. hey sublime, sorry was meant as "sorry to contradict you". The videos you saw were taken in "real" combat. I had just worked up the Abrams before with a few precision arty missions and were thus much less effective and robot like.
  20. I dont know. Maybe its an issue only found in multiplayer games ? They fire all the time in my games against the computer . I wasnt using them since you and other people were saying they didnt fire their kornets but since i've decided to check and found out there was no issue I started using them. I never attack an "intact" Abrams or Bradley, I arty the hell out of them or strafe them with helicopters and SU-25s before engaging them with kornets or I try to do so from a non-frontal aspect. I try to degrade them sub-system wise as much as I can before engaging them with anything other than tanks. Or I sacrifice ATGM launchers by hitting them with missiles (and maybe kill them outright) to degrade them even if they dont penetrate (the launcher gets killed) then engage with tanks, making it easy and obtaining favorable exchange ratios.
  21. ahem.. here we go: BMP-2ms killing abrams with Kornet: sorry Sublime..
  22. I'll send you some stuff later , setup a Quick battle and take some screen shots/ videos . Im not at home right now (playing with my Kids at the park)
  23. I dont know what i do but i'll provide you with many proofs. I'm not saying it's not a bug BTW. I feel lucky .. the Russians are very lethal when equipped with BMP-2Ms .
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