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  1. Unlike Men of War, I think the feature would actually be useful in CM, given that line of sight is more important and properly simulated weapon ballistics makes marksmanship more interesting. I'm also not sure it would be that difficult to implement. The people at Graviteam managed to build some high-fidelity first-person armour simulators (Steel Armor: Blaze of War, and Steel Fury: Kharkhov 1942) using the same engine as their tactical-level strategy game (Graviteam tactics). I know this is not at the top of (or even on!) the priority list for CM. That's fair enough because there are other things the community would value more. But I don't think the guys at Digitalmindsoft should be ridiculed for trying to innovate.
  2. Just to be unambiguous, here is an install process that should work: Uninstall any existing CMBN install you have lying around. Download the 3.11 all-in-one installer. You will know when you have it because it's a single 10GB download. Run the installer (setup.exe) that you got with this 10GB download. It should install CMBN along with all of its patches and modules. Do not install anything else. Run the newly installed CMBN. It will ask you to activate. Enter your 3.0 serial number (the number you got when buying the 3.0 upgrade). In your [start > Battlefront > Combat Mission Battle for Normandy] start menu folder, there should be an option to "activate modules". Run this and enter the serial number(s) you got when buying any of the modules to activate them. Now CMBN should be ready to go. If, at any point, your serial/activation attempt is refused, create a support ticket (click the "+ new ticket" button here: http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/).My experience has been that support responds pretty quickly to requests and is generally helpful.
  3. Update: I fixed the problem. A corrupt file (Normandy v100A.brz) download was the culprit. Re-downloading fixed my problem and everything now works. Two weeks after Windows 10 and CM is finally back up and running for me
  4. In an attempt to get CM:BN working in Windows 10 I have recently bought the 3.11 upgrade. This fixed my previous problem of the game not starting, but now I have a new one: whenever I try to load a mission (via scenario, campaign, or quick battle) the game load as far as 7% with the loading text "Allocate World" and then crashes to desktop with the error "CM Normandy.exe" has stopped working. If I go into the scenario editor and select 3D preview then I am able to view the 3D world as normal. I am also able to place units in the scenario editor and view them in the 3D world. But loading an actual scenario to play simply doesn't work. My specs are: Windows 10 i7950 12GB DDR3 GeForce GTX 760 (with latest drivers) Does anyone know any possible solutions to this problem?
  5. Seems like the UI not found thing is a problem with v1.x then. Too bad...
  6. No luck for me either. I get the error "UI not found. Please check that you have the proper UI resource files. The application will be terminated." Neither changing resolution nor setting compatibility mode to Windows 7 or 8 fixes this.
  7. Hello folks. I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and am unable to launch Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. Attempting to do so produces the following error: "UI not found. Please check that you have the proper UI resource files. The application will be terminated." Does anyone know what the cause of this error is, or of a possible fix? ​
  8. Since there’s a thread, here goes. CM is a niche product in a market that probably has a fairly limited potential size. That acts as an effective deterrent to Battlefront’s would be competition and endows BF with de facto monopoly power. It comes, then, as no surprise to see them behaving like a monopolist. Compared to more competitive segments of the games industry, we observe persistently higher prices, patches with a positive price, relatively low rates of innovation/product development, extremely draconian activation restrictions, and frequent community interaction on the forums that might be concisely paraphrased as “we know better than our customers, so STFU” (see, e.g., the last post here: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=115612&page=17&highlight=steam). This behaviour is buttressed by a sycophantic community that takes every opportunity to rush to BF's defence upon any suggestion that the company might cut consumers a better deal. Many in that community adopt the view that they get a lot of value out of the products, so ‘being exploited is okay’. In a properly functioning, competitive market, value is not an appropriate benchmark for price! Take out any introductory economics textbook and you will find that value-based pricing is the hallmark of the monopolistic exploitation of market power. This is not a diatribe against BF. They are the only people making anything like this, they generally do a good job, and they have to cover their fixed costs which might go some way to justifying its pricing. But the community should do better, especially on lobbying over non-pecuniary issues. Mainstream gaming is littered with examples of proactive consumers securing better treatment for themselves. But a community that won’t stand up for itself should prepare to take it in the rear-end.
  9. Since you mention it, how about Oculus Rift support? Check this out:
  10. I don't see a lot of love in this thread for CM:Afghanistan. Is there something in particular that makes Shock Force so great and Afghanistan less so? I am also curious why it is that Normandy and, especially, Red Thunder get more votes that Fortress Italy. Is this just a matter of how interested people are in certain theatres/OOBs, or is there something more fundamental behind this preference?
  11. Shortcut key to turn off the main UI panel for extra immersion (and for making screenshots).
  12. For editing in general, I would recommend that you look here: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=110294 and at this series of videos: Both of those series have a specific article/video on objectives.
  13. I see that there are four battle types in the game: Assault, Attack, Probe and Meeting Engagement but I'm not sure what exactly the difference (especially between the first three) is. Could someone clarify?
  14. Thanks for the input everyone. I opted for CMBN+CF for now and will see how I get on. Also downloaded the Devil's descent campaign.
  15. I discovered CM relatively recently. People in the Steam community forum for Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star were discussing the relative merits of that game and Combat Mission. I thought I'd see for myself and am glad to have found both.
  16. I want to buy my first full CM game and have played the demos of all of the CMx2 engine games. Having done so, I have learnt two things: (1) I am an RT player and do not foresee myself developing a taste for WeGo any time soon; (2) it is easier to have fun in real-time when playing small scenarios. With this in mind, I would like to specialise in relatively small-scale scenarios. Are any of the WW2-era CMx2 games are better suited to this taste than others (say, because their campaigns include more small scenarios or because their OOBs are better suited to small scale engagements? Or do user-made scenarios basically make this a wash? Does anyone have an opinion about this?
  17. Thanks, everybody, for the tips. I am making some progress, although it is painfully slow. I will report back once I have had some success. At least I am getting good mileage out of the demo: I must be at 50 hours (on a demo!!). Once v3.0 is out, I will pull the trigger on the full version.
  18. Rather than create a new thread, I thought I'd ask here. I have a mission with off-map artillery (105mm) that has both HE and smoke ammo. If I order a long general purpose explosive barrage then the guns claim to be empty afterwards and I am no longer able to deploy a smoke mission (I have no problem in reverse: I can deploy HE after smoke). Is this intended behaviour or am I doing something wrong?
  19. Hello all. I am a newcomer to the Combat Mission series, and have been enjoying the fidelity of simulation and degree of tactical depth on offer. However, I am having quite some difficulties achieving much success and was hoping for some pointers. Specifically, I am currently playing the "Closing the Pocket" demo mission as the attacking Germans on the easiest difficulty level. After 25+ plus attempts at this, I am getting absolutely nowhere. I am implementing variations on what I guess to be the obvious plan of attack, namely 1) Laying down a smokescreen between the starting position and the village. 2) Approaching with one or two platoons through the central orchard. 3) (sometimes) Sending some flanking forces either along the right edge of the map, or just along the left edge of the orchard through the yellow field, or both. I am having all kinds of problems, but they mainly boil down to this: I am able to get as far as the first hedgerow through the orchard, and to make similar progress on the two flanks, but then everything falls apart. It seems that any amount of force (from a single squad up to two platoons) that try to approach the second hedgerow through the orchard get torn to pieces by the combination of US squads hiding in that hedge and their friends in the houses behind. Most of my attempts at this mission end with one or two platoons dead at the foot of this hedge with seemingly little damage inflicted on the enemy. Attempts to suppress the enemy with artillery fire don't seem to help much. Attempts to approach more stealthily don't seem to work since my men get shot anyway. If, instead of approaching the second hedgerow, I try to set up a base of fire from the first hedgerow then the enemy brings in artillery and all of my men die again. If I try to skirt around the edge of the orchard in a flanking move then my men die as there is insufficient cover in the open fields. Since I have seen in other threads that people have managed to beat this scenario on Iron difficulty with a similar strategy, I am guessing this my problem lies somewhere in the details of my execution. Does anyone have any tips on the finer details of how to push through the first line of enemy defences into the village?
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