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  1. I'm looking for some to play Breakthrough 1.05, Call to Arms Campaing, I can play with any side. I don't play this game since 2013, but I got some nostalgia in the blood and I want to play one good match, but the AI is no fun. I'm a seasoned player, but not a pro. If you are interested, email me at wh40k.biffy@gmail.com Note: I don't want "soft build limits" turned on.
  2. Kommandant

    Small prob

    I sent you an email with the saved file Hubert, hope this helps.
  3. I'm playing a 1914 CtA with the patch 1.03 and I came across a problem... I defeated russia but serbia was in the war, when I took out serbia I saw that 3 tittles of land in bulgarian territory are in control of Russia and I can't walk my units over them and I can't take those tittle backs, Serbia is surrendered now and these lands are still in control of russia, and the biggest problem is that one of these tittles is over a rail so I just can't operate my units from Berlin to the middle east....
  4. May I correct my self... the German/Ottoman/AH High command could take some money from the player to pay for event in other places....
  5. I've playng the latest patch of Breakthrough and here are some stuff I have seen... Russian Civil War 1-The AI keeps sending french troops too far away from Odessa, I just take my time and leave them cut off, wait some turns and I have france out of the war... 2-I think that 5 squares from Odessa is too short for the french do something, maybe a 7-8 would be nice.... 2.1-Maybe make france morale drop even faster if french forces are further than 10 squares and fall just a bit if between 5-10... 3-The Bolshevik AI is kind of disapointing... I had no problems fighting the reds as there was no atk on the baltic nations... no effort to hold perm and fight the ural cossacks... no armies to fight the south whites and invade ukrania, I started to see red forces invading Ukrania around late 1919... a good red force formed when I was marching to Moscow and steamrolling all the red forces.... AI at 100% 0.5 exp bonus... 3.1-I had some challenge fighting the Whites AI, they made me loose Perm, fall back on my atk in the baltic nations, but no effort was really made by the south to stop my invasion of Ukrania with the core of the red army, or any good Atk on Tsaritsyn.... Ai was dumb to go too far with the Ural Cossacks and leave the corps with no supply, I made a quick move and captured the cossacks capitals and made the Whites loose 4 corps and 2 HQs... North whites did some advance, they took a lot of time on that.... Poland was a disapointment, as they couldn't stand agaisnt a small force of the reds and were destroied.... AI at 100% 0.5 exp Bonus Russia's war 1-Russians focus too much force against the Ottomans.... The Ai plays as it was expected with Russians, but I saw a way too big focus on the ottomans, even when my german forces were closing in on Moscow and Petrograd... 2- It could be interesting if German High command would take money from the player for a few turns to pay for events in hte west, or middle east, or Italy... things like big battles, as Verdun, or Gallipoli.... 3-Von Rennenkampf deploys later, not as in Call to Arms, where he is ready for use from the start of the game.... That is all
  6. if you want, when you have something more crystal clear, you can upload the mod to the battlefront site. one more thing, I've downloaded your mod, I will PM you with my obs
  7. It's good to have someone with the mind of an Admiral and not of a General around here. I don't know much about naval warfare, I really go down in it and don't understand sh*t, my deal is land/armor warfare
  8. Make it a mod is a good idea, it would be awesome to check this out :cool:
  9. scenarios from the core game will not show up in the expansion, only the main campaing, 1914 Call to Arms remains in the list of scenarios for the expansion, but I'm sure you will not go back into playing the core game
  10. Wow Pater, you were fast in this game, congrats in winning the first SC: TGW tournament and a free copy of the game Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough. Thank you guys for enjoying the tournament, but I think I will be away from running another any time soon, my choice here Oh, Peter, it's Lucas not Lukas
  11. Thanks Bill, but I feel bad about it anyway
  12. I've been very away, sorry guys, I had some probs around here, we are in the finals, so, Peter will play a CtA against Wolfgang, the winner get a free copy of SC Breakthrough. This tournament evolved in a way that it shouldn't, my fault for a bad organization, if more tournaments of SC come up I would be glad to help and take part, but not organizing it. The sad part is that I was the one to give the idea and move people around, move resources, try to solve problems, and the only one to give me duties, it wasn't too much, I just failed on it, no excuses. So, again, sorry guys for the problems this tournament had, mainly Bill that made some merchandise about this tournament, I feel I failed it all But in the end the winner will get a free copy of SC Breakthrough
  13. What a shame Sapare, but hope you had some fun
  14. Yeah Glabro, but now there is a big set back if you give Italy what they want, Romania will move really close to join the entente, if the Russian can push the AH army, the romanians will certanly join. I have worked out some other moves that you can use against the russian first strategy. I haven't applyed them as I would like too, not much players use this strategy, we should play another game one of these days Glabro, I need to get my revenge from our game of months ago. You will love the new what if main map, where the german armies are deployed in force agaisnt the russians, or that you can deploy a army force against russia, before the start of the game, in Call to Arms, I found that really useful, even using traditional strategy of invading france in 14, this army deployed agains russia, can hurt russian offensive against Germany-AH.