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  1. This picture is photoshoped. In the original picture there is no swastika. The updated photo was used by russian and "novorussian" propaganda sources. At the moment I'm at work but will try to find the original picture and post it if i find it again. This makes it pretty clear what the posters agenda is. P.S. I couldn't find the foto I seemed to remember.But I found a blogarticle about it stating the flag is fake: http://ukraineatwar.blogspot.de/2014/11/nazis-in-azov-battalion.html This blog is written by an opensource analyst and is highly informative about the war. The photoshopping of nazi-flags into ukrainian pictures is modus operandi to support the russian narrative of a fashist junta in Kiew. I have seen this happen a lot. Yes there are some nazis and right wing groups in ukraine but the russian media does blow it completly out of proportion. By the way in this video a "separatist" commander talks about the battle of Debaltseve and that is wasnot a sucess because of immense losses. Its in russian but it clearly supports Steves analyse of the situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs1pdoGx-SI#t=20
  2. Does a comparable book on german or soviet WWII tactics exist?
  3. Did anybody win the Odon Bridges mission? I find this mission extremly difficult(but I'm just a mediocre player). The first artillery strike did wipe out an important part of my defenders and the germans are just too numerous. Buildings as defensive position are bad. As soon as the enemy is in sight my defenders in buildings are wiped out. I find this mission the most dificult one at the moment....
  4. I'm thinking of buying the Fortress Italy bundle. But I can't find any information on what campaigns are included? For me this is he most important thing. So could somebody inform me what campaigns are included in Fortress Italy and Gustav Line? What formations are you playing in there? Who did create the campaigns?
  5. I did try load the save in between the missions but it does not help.
  6. I don't use any mods. As I said I installed the new module when i played the mission before. So the only way to play it without problems is to restart the campaign?
  7. I just got to the 4th Mission of thed Panzers Marsch campaign. And there seems to be a bug or something really strange. I bought/installed the new Comonwealth modul when i was playing the mission before. So all vehicles, even the panthers start towing a 6 ponder AT gun. But there is absolutly no ammunition for it. If i tell the tank crews to bail out they man the guns. Even most infantry units have those AT guns. Most infantry guys are equipped with bren guns. I really find this strange, is this supposed to be this way? I wanted to do some screens but everytime I hit the print button on keyboard I instead take a screen of my desktop.
  8. I can't post in the Kursk Forum( I don't know why), so I do it here. Hope this is not a problem. I just bought Tow 2 Kursk a week ago and started playing the first german mission, the Kerkasskoe one. I can't seem to finish it. I tried countless times....... One of the biggest problems I have are the enemy aircraft and they hit hard, they kill my artillery and sometimes the tanks. Hiding in the forrest doesn't help. So I bought 2 37mm sdkfz AA vehicles, put Soldiers with gunnery >70 in there. But yeah they really don't help. I tried more then 30 times. They did not shoot 1!! plane. And they get targeted first and die fast.....this is really frustrating. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. It seems impossible to counter the planes. I could try 4 AA vehicles, but.... How do you fight enemy aircraft? Any tipps?
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