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  1. 2/16/40 Playing as Allies vs Axis AI and Russia joins allies. I forget, is there an Axis AI? Thanks
  2. CTA scenario Breakthrough version New to this WW1 game looking for another Rookie to have good game Will play either side or mirror Turn rate may be slow, one turn per every 2-3 days (real life keeps me busy) PM me if interested.
  3. Just kept getting the message Czech Surrenders but it never became German territory. Don't remember if a decision triggered it, but it started poping up four turns in a row so I simply declared war, fought for two weeks, captured the capital, and this time they really did surrender and become part of German territory.
  4. Played one year so not quite to Poland yet, and may be awhile before I get further into the campaign. I remember trying the campaign in Global War and enjoying the options to focus on building Germany for WWII. Regards the Breakthrough Version (and assuming I installed all the files correctly: The MAP is very detailed and the scale is enjoyable. All the decision events are GREAT - particularly the maps and pictures. Brings the events to life, so to speak. The turns work well, weekly in summer and two weeks spring and fall, but I wonder how the Russian War will feel, when the Russian used the Winter to launch their major campaigns. Of note - I had trouble with the Czechoslovakia decision - for four turns in row it said Czech surrenders but they were not absorbed by Germany. Finally I just declared war and had a nice small campaign eliminating their army. Again, thanks for the effort you put into this campaign.
  5. POP - the sound of my bubble bursting as I was silently supporting the Entente up to now.
  6. I would vote for WW3 around 1980 but maybe a Calm Before the Storm type build up giving Nato and WP the chance to pre-build their armed forces to their own liking (i.e. Soviet Union could decide to add more carriers or surface ships vs land vs air). Then have the spark that ignites the conflict randomly generated so neither side know exactly which month year the conflict will start. It would be nice for the game to shift to a weekly time scale once hostilities commence but I'm just brainstorming here. Also - it would be a challenge to model the electronic portion war. ECM, Awacs, heat seeking missiles vs radar, and chemical warfare. Still - something resembling Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising" would have appeal - but how to do that in SC3 - that is the challenge. --------------- After that - I was thinking of SC Global War (the World War One game) would start to look interesting set in the American Civil War. Infantry, cavalry, artillery, balloons, etc.
  7. I passed on this game twice but reading the forum was convinced to give it a try. I was very pleased with the scenario Race to the Sea. I imagined a long stagnant line of attrition type battles. Instead, there was considerable room to manuver and strategies to try. I am now playing my first GC as the CP, and again the strategic options are considerable. The East Front has many gaps and I am perpetually starved for MPP's which means I cannot do everything I want. That alone adds so much replay value. Throw in the Ottamans, Middle East, Balkans and areas to manuver are plentiful. The West Front does seem a bit stagnant but I am only up to August 1916 and have not been very agressive there. I also like the naval war. Again not enough Mpp's to due everything. The expansion is due out soon (Oct 1) and will only add depth to a very polished product. I wish I had more time to play PBEM but need to wait until I learn some more. Hope the above helps your decision.
  8. The map does look interesting, but for me, until I actually start pushing units around I can't say for sure.
  9. Thanks. Obviously looks different than the lend lease to Russia and England but I understand now.
  10. Playing a PBEM game and I choose USA Lend Lease to China 30 mpps and Britain Burma Road (still open) 75 mpps. I see the deduction from US and Britain but I don't see the corresponding increase to China. Should I?
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