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  1. would like to try my newest version of Nupremal World with someone - please email vypuero@gmail.com
  2. anyone want to try the new version of the campaign I uploaded for GOLD? email me at vypuero@gmail.com
  3. you can use my map and just re-draw the nations as necessary
  4. would like to test my new scenario I just uploaded for WW I - it is a global WW II game for the WW I engine
  5. all I have to patch this up - soon I will upload a patch file with a new .cgn and scripts folder. Changes are: - scripts got messed up - Hubert, maybe you are aware, but for some strange reason the editor on occasion randomly adds parts of scripts to end of scripts - not sure how it happens but I fixed it here. - ship speeds - since I eliminated loops I increased them but went overboard. So, I brought them back to a maximum of 18 (from 24-25) and so on depending on the nation.
  6. French naval units do join based on the "free unit" script % that you assign them in the game.
  7. Supposed to be this way to make it hard to defend. You get two easy ways to do it: 1 - Build Indian Units or use the ones you have 2 - Use the Chinese Expeditionary units under Stillwell Burma did surrender historically but then the allies re-occupied it using the forces above.
  8. In my next version I am deleting all the loops anyway - but I am keeping the island ones. I never have had any problems with them before, so this is odd.
  9. This is a game issue not a script issue. I think the answer is there is no cancellation out. Where did you see that? From what I know, it is a race if your guys "hit" then you get the benefit, and if they "hit" they may or may not reverse it. It just goes independently on each side.
  10. hehe you have it right Big Al. Ok you can only move across when you own the loop name, so the Japs can move using their loops they own - Majuro, Eniwetok, etc... Second, if you send your fleet there at say, 75-80% usa activation, and then the 85% hits and you do Pearl, the ships will be there and should be easy pickings to finish off.
  11. I didnt make the Axis AI so there are no scripts for it.
  12. has to be a Major - limited to 6 Majors.
  13. You have 1 chit, at level 1 chance is 10% at level 2 you have an 8% chance, etc...
  14. I sent files but your email address is rejecting all emails. Says "storage exceeded" - even an empty no attachments email failed.
  15. actually i forgot to add the campaign file so I am re-doing
  16. Maybe no one is around weekends to add it?
  17. I uploaded a new version of Nupremal World but it does not show yet in the depository, can anyone check on that?
  18. I like a limit of 1/turn repairs in ports, or maybe 2 in full strength and 1 in half strength ports.
  19. I fixed the Indochina surrender that was messed up and not working. There is lend-lease for USSR through Murmansk and Archangel if Murmansk is lost as well as from Persia later. Kuwait is a supply port for the British, plus since it had some oil I wanted to increase its value to the UK a tad. It is useful for a back door invasion of Iraq if you lose the ME, which I did in my latest game.
  20. I make it by hand by creating a system and using coordinates. In other words, I assign each city/location a location on the map by formula, then build the map around that.
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