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  1. @ Tartari Feel free to include the Typhoon in your release. Tell me if you need an updated version of it for ToW3 ( I remember there was a lod problem at one time).
  2. Hello Gnasher, Nice to see you're back! I sure would like to see your Bulldogs maps in ToW2 and ToW3 (I know.... I'm asking a lot). @Arzok: The Churchill AVRE and the Churchill V 94mm are nices additions to the game. Thanks for your work. It's always motivating to see new content in the game.
  3. Also, the 37mm is not the best AA gun in the game (too low a rate of fire for my taste). I would prefer the 20mm on quadruple mount. A captured DShk on tripod would serve the purpose very well, if you've one available. You can also use the SdKfz-222 for anti-aircraft defence, but again, with a single 20mm tube, it is not the most effective unit. It has the advantage that it can be used in a multi purpose role, though. Try to have your anti-aircraft assets hidden behind building rather than under trees. Trees hamper their vision, and provide no cover, only concealment, while a building provide both cover and concealment, while allowing your units to have a good sector of fire behind the building (a nasty surprise for enemy aircraft)
  4. Looks very nice! But really, no need to thank me, I've only extracted the rect file from the SFS. You did all the hard work
  5. Updating the content of ToW1 to ToW3 would also be awesome
  6. Some more info on the Massive Mod Pack: This is not a package that is supposed to work as it is. It is a collection of stuff that had been left over from the ToW1 game that was graciously released for the benefit of modders. To be able to use it, peoples have to get a little knowledge of how the game is working, because most of the stuff needs to be configured properly to be working in game. The massive mod pack has unfortunately not received the interest it deserves, and few (if any) of its content has been put to good use by the modders. This is very unfortunate, because the Massive Mod Pack contains everything needed to add new content to every version of ToW. It is fairly easy to add the vehicles and buildings of the Mod Pack to Theatre of War, but it requires a bit more efforts to create brand new content. Nevertheless, it is possible to add everything you can think of, with the exception of new soldiers models. The Mod Pack contains all the tools needed to add new vehicles, new aircraft, new guns, new weapons, new static objects and buildings. With utilities like Microdem or 3dem+L3DT, it is possible to import digital elevation models to create new maps and populate them with either the buildings of the Massive Mod Pack, or with your own buildings and static objects. It is also possible to use the empty maps in the mod pack (like the Arnhem map), and add buildings, roads, statics etc... with the Map Editor, if one doesn't want to go through the "pain" of importing digital elevation models to create brand new maps. This is very unfortunate that there are so few modders interested in ToW, because I believe that with more new content released by modders, the interest in the game would have been multiplied exponentially.
  7. ToW3 is the best of the Theatre of War games, and in my opinion, by a great margin. As far as I can tell, all the issues which bothered some players in the previous titles have been addressed. The most common complaint was about the poor survival of the infantry. With the new fragmentation model and the new simulation of the landscape cover depending on the type of terrain, infantry survival has been considerably boosted. Now, a unit lying prone has a much better chance of escaping damage when a shell is exploding nearby, as well as being better protected against small arms fire. For me, it has been like playing a new game. Of course, one can argue that there are still a few things that could be improved. But for me, with ToW3, the series has reached its maturity and is without doubt one of the very best tactical game. It is more a simulator than a game though, and as such it might not appeal to everyone. I'm not a big fan of the game setting in Korea, I would have preferred a game set in WWII, and I wish that ToW2 Kursk and the Caen add-on could be ported to the new Theatre of War 3 engine.
  8. @pcelt: If you want to modify a mission you've created in the simple editor, you definitely have to use the full editor if you don't want to start from scratch everytime. It is a bit more difficult to use, but much more powerful.
  9. If you've one or two LeIG-18, you should be able to destroy most of the ennemy guns without losing anyone. In the first mission, your mortar teams will be greenhorns, so will require some luck to be succesfull, as their accuracy will be quite low. It's still usefull to have a mortar team or a SdKfz-151/2, they'll gain some experience and will be much more effective in the next battle.
  10. @John Fisher Can you elaborate about the disappearence of static objects from the Kursk/Caen map? I have not seen anything like that. I suppose you mean the statics from Kursk/Caen will not appear on the map unless they've been added to the Korea 3doj folder?
  11. My question would raher be: "who needs to run this game at 60 fps?", knowing that the human eye can make a difference only up to about 26 fps... But to answer your question, I have no lag so far, and I have quite an old rig. The framerate is quite low, between 8 to 12 fps, which is roughly the equivalent of the fluidity you'll get watching any animated cartoon, so it is quite ok with me. I've to admit that I didn't encounter any heavy artillery barrage yet, nor A-26 attack planes. These might have a big impact on framerates, though, but will lat only a few moments.
  12. Have you tried editing the data/local/en/names.utf8 file?
  13. Is there any chance that this limit would be increased in a new version or patch of the game, like it was done for the maximum number of collisions per bones (7 in ToW, 31 in ToW2)?
  14. well, 4 editors actually 1. simple editor (quickly create a basic battle that you can improve upon in the normal mission editor) 2. Mission editor (full mission editor) 3. map editor (an editor to create brand new maps and/or modify existing maps). 4. campaign editor
  15. Hi Sneaksie, I can't add more than 255 different static objects in a ToW map (I can't save the map in the map editor as soon as I add a 256th actor type). Could you confirm that ToW maps can have only 255 different statics objects in the actors.static file? I'm having this problem with ToW2_Kursk, but I think this is true with ToW3 too.
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