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  1. Back in the day using a "Target brief/briefly" command was a good way to get infantry units to chuck lots of grenades. I haven't played for a long time so have no idea if this is still the case. Other arms could also be fired as well of course so it might not be just grenades.
  2. This is an interesting question in the context of range because to achieve the maximum range you'd have to arc the stream pretty heavily. How much fuel would you burn trying to get on target, or do you overshoot and hope the dribble hits? Lots of talk about maximum range, but I wonder what range they were generally used at?
  3. Haha, I'm afraid I am not up-to-date with the innies and outies of the photography world, but I think that particular article is safe to read as it essentially says the same things as the other three you linked, albeit in an uglier design. Anyway, the take home message is the same: if you are preparing files that will only be seen on a monitor, save yourself some hassle and just use sRGB.
  4. On this topic I just found this, which is quite interesting - https://kenrockwell.com/tech/adobe-rgb.htm
  5. If you want to figure this one out you're going to have to dive into the deep and dark well of colour management. My knowledge of it is rudimentary at best and I don't use PS, but what is the source file? Adobe 1998 has a wider gamut than sRGB, so moving from one to the other could shift the colour space. Maybe if you are changing the bit-depth that is also having an effect? The option being greyed out would indicate that in PS you can't embed an ICC profile in a BMP (unless there are other options somewhere that will allow you to do so). In the end though I have to ask, without being rude, does it really matter, especially for something as variable in hue as a stone building? The best you can do is adjust the colours until you have what you want in-game. Beyond that you have no control over the way others will see them on their hardware. I have two monitors side by side, one standard gamut and one wide gamut, and even the whites on both monitors look different. Without spending hundreds of dollars on calibration hardware and software, there is no way to correct that in a meaningful way.
  6. Strange. I also bank with Barclays and when in the UK in the 90s would send money back to New Zealand with no issues. Nowadays I can even do it online from NZ using a PINsentry that generates a code using my card.
  7. Thanks for your replies. This thread is a timely reminder that after a long time with no issues I think I have become complacent. Time for some spring cleaning.
  8. It seems that if you create a new temporary filter from the top left menu you can then apply column filters. I have filters working for all sheets. Just a note, but for the Red Thunder and Black Sea sheets the "Path" for the v100a BRZ files includes the BRZ name, which doesn't seem to be your convention for the rest of the files. This means that the "Bulk" column has this name duplicated, e.g. "red thunder v100a\red thunder v100a". For Red Thunder this is also repeated in the WW2 sheet. Not a biggie but it could mess with filtering.
  9. I'd be happy to give them to you but looking more at your spreadsheets I think there is not much point. My files are just tables that look identical to what you have presented but without the filtering functionality, so I'm sure there is no inspiration to be found there. The only difference was I included a "file type" column but this was mostly to make splitting the files into separate tables easier - and with the filtering function it is redundant. I split the tables into the following categories (again redundant with the filtering): shaders (tga), sounds (wav), text (txt), soldiers (bmp), vehicles (bmp), weapons (bmp), buildings (bmp), special effects (bmp), terrain (bmp), interface_editor (bmp), interface_in game (bmp). My lists are also old and were prepared before any of the engine upgrades, so given the last couple of posts might be misleading in parts. And I stripped out at-the-time unmoddable files, but now with sbobovyc's modding tools this is probably not a good thing. So I don't want to put links in your thread to out-of-date info but have PMed you a link to an example file if really interested.
  10. My bad - I didn't see the separate sheets down the bottom. Looks like I can do some spring cleaning and delete my files Nice work.
  11. This is always handy info. Is it possible to apply two filters in the Google doc - a primary and secondary - so you can sort, e.g., by game and then by path to find, e.g., all vehicle files for CMRT? A couple of years ago I prepared lists (RTFs) of just the moddable files for CMRT and CMBN (+ some modules) categorized by file type (sounds, vehicles, soldiers, etc.) but with the forum changes the threads have gone or links messed up. If the files might be useful to you let me know and I'll see if I can re-up them.
  12. As this is an educational thread as much as anything, is a debit card that functions as a credit card good or bad? The card I have associated with my paypal account is such a card, though I don't keep any funds on it, transferring them from an online-only account when I need them. I know it doesn't offer the same purchaser protection CCs do in the case of bad vendors, but I don't buy big-ticket items with it. As far as paypal goes, I made multiple purchases using it in the run up to Christmas (sorry, not from BFC) and have had no problems - this is paying using the paypal option where you get taken off-site - nor any in the many years I have used it.
  13. A normal map gives the impression of form without using actual geometry. Normal mapping is a render effect that allows you to add detail to a model in the rendered image without having to add extra polygons. Normal maps do not change the silhouette of a model though, so they are best used to add finer detail and to accentuate/smooth the existing form. The results you get from using an automatic normal map generator will vary depending on what images you use as input. If using existing CM textures you could get some interesting results if, for example, the texture has a camouflage pattern on it with light and dark areas next to each other. You can also hand paint normal maps (or a greyscale height map and then convert it using software like xNormal), but the best way is to start with a low-resolution model that you increase the resolution of and then model/sculpt detail into and then use software that compares the low- and high-resolution models to generate the normal map (the normal map is then applied to the low-resolution model in-game).
  14. Textures are mapped to models using UV coordinates. I'm not sure there is a specific name for the type of texture you want, but "UV grid" with the "checker" option pulls up a few on Google - https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&q=uv+grids&chips=q:uv+grid,g_1:checker:Bq6VhtdZSz8%3D&usg=AI4_-kTuZJZIg8_wBDIcplFJNhTikHBAqQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiPwJ2X7r_fAhXPSH0KHYdgDpcQ4lYIKigA&biw=1774&bih=1037&dpr=1
  15. You can get CMBO (not the others) also on GOG - for the currently low price of $1.99 - https://www.gog.com/game/combat_mission_beyond_overlord
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