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  1. Thank you. I thought and hoped so, as long as the fix won't require a reinstall...
  2. This got me slightly worried, especially since I can't play GL turns. Fsecure says; Gen:Trojan.heur2.FU8ix@aGT91am about the Gl .exe file
  3. This applies to Wodin as well of course.
  4. 29122014 12:00 EST Nice you're doing this C3K. The main reason I deserve Black Sea more than AlphaZulu90 lies in my all-round awesomeness. Also; my game pc is called Gilgamesh. I don't mean to confuse you with each and everyone of the overwhelming facets of my qualities so I'm gonna leave it at this but do like to refer to the hymns in your local bar and the altars in various bedrooms of beautiful galls.
  5. Yes! Embedded youtube vids. Finally!
  6. Aren't the House Rules "what works between two players"?
  7. No guilt here, I do feel uncomfortable about the deplorable mental state of part of the wider gamercommunity. Especially gamergate because it makes me feel tainted by association by the lack of reflection from these kids. Games like call of duty fail where CM succeeds in walking the line between glorification of slaughter and living out an historical and tactical interest.
  8. It seems to me as "just" an infrastructural challenge, the search keys or categories that I would find useful on a repository/scenariodepot are "Balanced for H2H", within that one, "(Semi-)Historical", "Casual" and "Competition". "Single player" that would have "(Semi-)Historical" and "Casual". A divide between scenarios and mods would be welcome as well for browsing. Not to mention modpacks; who wouldn't use all Aris'mods anyway? All entries would have tags with these categories and all the settings used; Map size, duration, time of day and so on. In this way it would be possible to choose a scenario based on ones preferences without getting spoilers. A review/shared experiences section in which spoilers are allowed would be present as well, it would be up to the decency of the H2H-players not to read the spoiler-reviews before having finished the scenario. This last bit may be tricky for some but I actually don't even watch ChrisND too much before a release because he uses maps that will turn up in the game. Repository feedback and the right info without spoilers do work well with for instance AD's sweet little infantry scenarios for Gustav Line in the repository. Might be because of the small size and limited complexity. It occurs to me that Battlefront might like this as it would also provide them with feedback on the stock scenarios. "The passage" from CMRT is utterly unbalanced for H2H and now everyone has to find out for themselves which might reflect bad on the game.
  9. The Polish Monte Cassino campaign from the Gustav line module just brought me back to single player.
  10. I'm currently playing Hot Mustard on a 2009 Vaio laptop with Nvidia 9600m and although the draw-distance could be a bit higher gameplay goes great.
  11. In case this is because you sometimes fail to remember which pbem it is you're loading; it's possible to type the password and hit enter right away at the very moment the loadscreen starts.
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