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  1. Belated response but nice update indeed! Loved the original series and would love a reason to see a newer version on my hard drive. Looking forward to what other stuff you are developing Steve.
  2. Kudos to the team for trying with all their best intentions to get us this gem before Christmas. I would much rather have a refined product that proudly shows your title accordingly, with minimal issues then a bug fest filled with agitation by the end user, just to make a hard coded delivery date. Your team has always delivered top notch releases and this one should be no different. Take the time it needs to be released in it's best state. Thank you for the public statement and causing some to have less anxiety attacks counting down to the 25th....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you
  3. LOL, I cheated and bought a 40" LCD TV that runs my desktop resolution....it looks marvelous! I was actually shocked how inexpensive a 40" LCD TV was, about $400. It's been the best electronic purchase in a few years.
  4. I've been eyeballing it for quite some time, just had some other priorities during the release. Now, if it were to say, go on sale.....Christmas is a coming. I will indeed pick it up, just been slacking a bit but I appreciate the kudos for the game.
  5. I about fell outta my chair laughing when I read that one........sorry to disappoint you. Regarding the "It's done when it's done.....I acknowledge and will go back to my hide until I get that great email talking about my downloadable item is ready. Thanks Matt
  6. So, having bought every CMSF module, as well as every WWII module, sans Italy, I love this series. But, I have to ask, having bought this latest iteration as soon as I saw the link, what's the expected ETA? Mind you, I'm not looking for the exact dates though that would be great too, but at least a projected quarter, winter, spring, summer, etc... Anyway, very much looking forward to this latest installment. Cheers, Matt PS, if it was announced elsewhere, my apologies for overlooking the link.
  7. Any chance of posting updated screen shots, preferably action shots? As someone that purchased every module for the last CMSF series, I very much look forward to what this new series will bring to the table. Also, if you're ever in need of an additional beta tester, I'm always available........ Matt
  8. Team, I thought I had already purchased Market Garden for CMBN, after I just installed the 3.0 upgrade. If I purchase Market Garden now, do I have to uninstall everything or does Market Garden now ship as 3.0? Thanks
  9. It works great on my Surface Pro. I don't know if it will work on the Surface RT though, different OS, which is why I bought the Pro version. Its nice having a tablet on trips that handles much the same my laptop handles. However, you must start in windowed mode initially and then change in options. Found solution needed for Surface Pro 2 graphics not working message: Solution: Right-click on the launching shortcut for CMBN/CMRT and select "Properties" from the popup menu. In here go to the "Compatibility" tab and there will be a section in the middle of the tab labeled "Settings". A
  10. Aaargh! Search the forums peoples..........kidding, sorta. I think BFC has done a pretty good job of incorporating the multitudes of factors that would affect indirect fire, including experience level of the FO's, weather, LOS and overall reaction of the crews to various events, such as setting up in a tree line. They have even made calling for missions if out of radio contact impossible until comms are established. Professionally, not sure of anyone else that ever incorporated so many real world issues successfully as BFC has done. It is because of their attentions to detail that I have
  11. LOL, yes, would be sort of cool. Reminds me of a bunker at Fort Benning where trainees/students were put inside, with lexan view ports and 105mm, 120mm, 81mm and 60mm rounds were fired within 100 meters of the bunker, strictly for effects and feel. It was quite an eye opener and not sure if they still do this practice, but you left in awe at the power arrayed in front of you. It was spectacular. Admittedly, the mortar rounds were far more earthmoving, but I'm biased. Matt
  12. Yes, if you're using a GPS, however, that tech obviously didn't exist back then but used with great frequency today. Also depends on signal quality as to whether or not you'll get all 13 digits as anything other than 0's for the last few numbers of the northing and easting. Matt
  13. Easting has a maximum of 6 digits, northing has maximum of 7 digits. Most usually rounded in zeroes and rarely exceeds 8-10 digits. Matt
  14. I agree spotting would be tough, near impossible. However, one techique being overlooked and is quite an old technique is one called crater analysis. It's quite easy actually and moderately accurate for a direction and caliber range. Can be used for either mortars or artillery. Steps are: 1)Locate the crater, secure a fragment 2)Depending on spray pattern, mortars and artillery possess disctinct burst pattern in the ground. Place a stake near fuze burrow, another stake in the middle of the spray pattern 3)Using a compass or Aiming Circle, shoot a back azimuth to determine direction 4)Sec
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