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  1. Joe Sacco is fantastic. I have a book he made about Palestine/Isreal. Very thought provoking and superb illustrations. This one got my interest. Thanks for posting.
  2. rocketman

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Initiating in 3 .. .2 ......1......
  3. rocketman

    Assault Boats?

    Wow, really have to fly real low to make use of a Panzerfaust mounted on a wing. Surely can't be for real.
  4. Good thing then that my GEFORCE program, that usually reminds me of drivers, stopped working altogether a week ago, preventing me from updating to this crap driver. I'll stick with what I have from now on.
  5. rocketman

    Assault Boats?

    DUKWs wouldn't be too far from serving as both landing crafts and assault "boats". We have amphibious vehicles in the modern titles so the tech is in place for it to be implemented in the WWII titles as well.
  6. rocketman

    Scenario Reference Material

    LOL, that would necessitate transforming the general population from instant gratification, click-kicks, easy digestion of information to enjoying complexity and going in for a long haul investment of time and brain power to one thing. I would be pleasantly surprised if I see that in my life-time. And I'm only about half way done (I hope...).
  7. rocketman

    CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations

    Good job pal
  8. rocketman

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    Way cool @MOS:96B2P I like the realism aspect of having a slum area and an upscale area of the fictional city.
  9. I remember having this problem just after the release of MG. Thought it had been fixed, but bridge related bugs seem to persist still unfortunately ☹️
  10. I have had hit decals missing sometimes, mostly in BS and SF2. I opened a thread on it in the SF2 forum. To me it seems like some textures for some players never show. Also sometimes for me in the modern titles ERA blocks don't disappear when hit.
  11. Any chance that the briefing templates for FB can be uploaded to CMMODS?
  12. rocketman

    Main menu text color?

    I posted about this around the time FB was released and maybe you can dig that thread up. IIRC it was kind of complicated and could yield some messy results with other in game text. Doable, but not worth the effort for me. But please try. I like to make menu screen mods and some pics don't work well with stock color.
  13. There is also a pretty good and detailed documentary on Netflix called "The Battle of Chosin".
  14. rocketman


    You're wicked Ian 😈 I think I have some old messages from you though ...
  15. rocketman


    The inbox might be full and in need of some "pruning". I wish the inbox max was larger as some old messages are good to hold on to for various reasons.
  16. rocketman

    USMC Helmets and Gear

    They look great. A tad bit too saturated color perhaps, but I'm just being picky.
  17. rocketman

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    Nvidia GTX 970M card with latest drivers. Some custom settings and Nvidia Inspector.
  18. rocketman

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Steve's interview with prospects for CM customer support: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbEIX1giTho (Can't get YT to embed no more for some reason)
  19. rocketman

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    I see this as well. Zooming in/out makes no difference. However, if I tilt the camera it disappears gradually. So angle of observation and probably elevation changes in the terrain interacting with objects causes this phenomenon.
  20. rocketman

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    I have no save from that campaign and hitting "cease fire" ends the campaign. So if you want me to check you have to share a save.
  21. rocketman

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    Which scenario/QB map is it from? I'll give it a spin and check back. What happens if you turn shadows on/off?
  22. rocketman

    PDF from PC to Tablet

    I usually put all my game manuals in a Dropbox folder. That way I can access them on my tablet while playing on my PC. Sure you're not trying to copy the shortcut and not the file itself?
  23. rocketman

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    I don’t recall seeing this, screenshot perhaps?
  24. Luckily I wasn't affected. I placed my order the same day it was announced. But I can't help but think that it might be connected to the massive forum thread spams we've had over the past six months. Forums are not the same system as the store, but someone is messing with BFC 😡
  25. rocketman

    Horrible frames. Getting frustrated.

    I have, though not the old version but the new. I can't say conclsively that it helps or how much as I haven't done dedicated tests. But my impression is that it helps, especially in larger unit dense scenarios with weather effects added. It is quite easy to use. The only drawback is that some programs that you run might get reset to their starting point, like Acrobat Reader and iTunes.