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  1. What card/driver do you run? Could you post some before/after screenshots please?
  2. I have only played one of those and that was just after release. I remember it being a long load but worked on worse specs than you have. Try again from a fresh PC start if not already and do not touch any keys or mouse buttons cuz that can sometimes cause CTD.
  3. Never noticed anything like that - a save would help. In any case it would be an easy thing to test in the editor if you are up to back up your case with hard evidence. Like this it is just anecdotal.
  4. When you work on the pattern on the Goumier's greatcoat make sure to look for this: It appears to be some kind of stretching of the texture caused by the 3d model. I have seen this across several games. Only when prone.
  5. I wouldn't say no to ten battle packs 😊
  6. How specific do the patterns need to be and of what size? This site covers all tanks and provide images of many camo versions. Maybe that's a start? https://tanks-encyclopedia.com
  7. I though about doing one but realized that sky box mods (the ones we have now) negates the variable haze effect depending on camera height that was implemented with FB (I think). If someone knows how to mod that then I might give it a go. Made a test taking screenshots from Google Earth and it can be done while taking some time.
  8. Thanks for the update Steve, looks like another great year on various virtual battlefields. CW forces for FB is high on my list - I have a finished map of Dinant that can be fleshed out for a what-if last stand at the Meuse with the forces who defended that area. Regarding BS - no NATO/EU forces on the horizon? Have you ever considered making force only modules without scenarios/campaigns included? The screenshots for Fire and Rubble looks awesome. Maye realese some wallpapers? Oh, and post this news in other forums as well.
  9. I got a copy of the book as a X-mas treat for myself. Last copy from Amazon UK and at half price too. Will arrive in a week or so. Looking forward to it a lot. Have been away from scenario making too long.
  10. Concerning Step 1) Is a space between file name and bracket necessary or not? I have had trouble with no space. So your example, should it be: smod_german_lw_helmet-para [smock].bmp
  11. No, not the 3D view - loading it into the editor at all, which even for enormous master maps takes a second or two. Seems like something is corrupt with it.
  12. Another thing, perhaps related, I did get all the Cassino maps when I installed from the master download, but the Venafro Master Map causes CTD everytime I try to just load the file into the editor. Never had that with any map in any game.
  13. Happy Another Day on this Planet day 🌍 No gimme a ðŸĶī
  14. Maybe add them to the product info for R2V as I would think they are of interest for many people.
  15. I hate them too and wish for a day when we have none. But I'd rather have approximated roads with some historical accuracy sacrificed than no roads at all. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Thanks a lot @sttp I only had one for FB. Most helpful.
  17. Ok, seems like a fairly common issue then. I'll post the link to the maps here for now and if it is not cool by BFC I'll take them down. And then maybe post them to TSD instead. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ml60fibsp3m7v14/AAAoUMusZJvR9pf2e6mUz6O2a?dl=0
  18. Very strange. Anyone else not seeing these? Are they official @BFCElvis ? @Sgt.Squarehead I will PM you a link and I can post it later on in this thread if the maps are indeed made for the public. Must say I'm a bit sad not getting to do this, guess I have to find some other hilly terrain in Italy to make a map of. Lucky me that there is plenty of that.
  19. I recently reinstalled the game from the master download and I have a folder called Master Maps located where the other maps are:
  20. Well I'll be darned, the Monte Cassino Master maps (four for seperate starting days) have been there all along and was probably shipped with GL. Never occured to me that they were in a seperate folder and not the scenario one. I suppose they can be enhanced with streams that have been added to FI later on. Also the roads aren't really roads but tiles of pavement. Not sure why. So I guess I have to turn my attention elsewhere to satisfy my map making urge.
  21. Awesome, I was just about to embark on a weapon slots mod, but you beat me to it. Many thanks.
  22. Placed in a keyhole position when defending, they can do considerable damage to the first line of infantry that can't spot it in time. Then redeploy so not to draw that deadly fire.
  23. Thanks for the Bat-Signal, but as it looks now Batman wouldn't be up to the task, not even the entire Avengers squad. But SuperElvisMan (or what is you superhero name? Mine is obviously rocketman) just might and he ain't quitting yet.
  24. OK, things are getting really weird. Dowloaded the master download thanks to a friendly chap sending me the link. Tried to uninstall CMFI and nothing, I mean nothing, disappeared. Again it was like my PC couldn't even recognize the existence of the game. So I manually deleted all the files, restarted and installed from the master file onto an external drive. Everything looks like it always does and no hiccups in the installation process. Great, now only to activate module...but wait, the PC doesn't run the activate new products feature and like above, absolutely nothing happens. Tried to run the game just to see if I would get the game to start and show me that it needs to be activated, but again nothing. CMFI is now Schroedingers Game, it is both dead and alive at the same time. And I'm clueless. Never seen any program behave in this way. Helpdesk here I come.
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