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  1. rocketman

    Fortified Map?

    ”Bunkers burning” perhaps?
  2. In the official screenshots for the game - is that final infantry graphics?
  3. rocketman

    New Website status update

    Steve, will the new patch be released with the website/store update or when CMSF2 is?
  4. rocketman

    New Website status update

    Thanks for the update Steve - preorders in a few days sounds great
  5. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    I think I saw in another thread that mouse imput could be responsible for the CTD moment. Edit: (Add): Do you have any other programs that run processes with a regular interval automatically?
  6. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    Ran the same test as @Fizou with no CTD. GTX 970M, driver 398.36, Win 10 version 1803 OS version 17134.37, shaders on, no mouse input.
  7. It has been a long time in the making, and was previously known as the project "Man of the Our", but is now "Rittersprung H2H". Scenario description: After being severely decimated in the battle for the Hürtgen Forest, the 28th Infantry Division was sent to the rear to rest and refit. The 112th Infantry Regiment got located in the tri-country area of Lieler-Ouren-Lützkampen, spanning Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium – a six mile stretch of land on both sides of the Our river where the Siegfried Line had its westernmost fortifications, now occupied by the Allies. The 28th ID had just about recovered 100 % strength, with replacement units getting basic combat training, when the Germans launched their massive attack in the Ardennes on december 16th 1944. The crossing of the Our at Ouren would be an important part in the German advance and it was upon the 112th IR of the 28th ID to protect it as long as possible. It is 10:30 on Dec 17th and the 112th IR was engaged in combat with German forces on the 16th and throughout the night. The morning fog has lifted but it is still misty from the cold and the wet ground. Visibility is reasonable but it is hard to make out units in the mist. Units in Lützkampen and Harspelt were swept aside on the 16th. Sevenig town was also attacked by a green force of Volksgrenadiers but was able to hold on. The Volksgrenadiers suffered a lot of casualties and many prisoners were taken. They are now presumed to be hiding in the woods west of Sevenig. Semi-historical scenario which is aiming to capture a “what-if” combat based on units and turn of events that happened in the opening days of the Ardennes offensive. It can be downloaded here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/uncategorized/rittersprung-h2h/ Enjoy, and all feedback is very welcome.
  8. rocketman

    What will the next CM be?

    I think he refers to "Atlantic Fleet" which is turn based and quite fun. Picked it up recently and enjoy it so far.
  9. @Kaunitz check this and the rest of the thread about it: Might be info elsewhere too.
  10. Sometimes I'm easily confused ... 😕 It looked so familiar and yet not - and now I realize it was because of the spotting info on the AA and HQs you provided me with that I didn't have.
  11. Playing the same scenario as @LiveNoMore vs the same oppo. My flyboys made a big hole in exactly the same spot in front of the turret. Nice hole though Wonder what the turret would look like in the bottom of a hole?
  12. I have seen that type of behaviour from tank path finding across all CM2 games. The type of terrain and proximity to houses, trees or other vehicles makes it more likely. Target arcs to not control facing of the entire vehicle, there is a Face command for that.
  13. Two things: does your tests show the same problem if the squads are split? Also, it is my impression that CMSF2 will introduce proper ditches, so maybe they will be patched into the WWII titles as the patch will be released at the same time. I like your test methods
  14. I have to check this one out. Thanks for posting!
  15. Agree with above. I couldn't stand more than 10 minutes of it. Didn't help that muzzle flashes looked like CGI add ons.
  16. rocketman

    Editor Trick/hack.

    I tried using shallow ford at a higher elevation than water tiles and it worked in one direction, but as soon as I changed direction it broke. @sonar, if you place more tiles perpendicular to the ones in the screenshot (makin a "+" shape), does it still work?
  17. Right now I play CM on a 1920*1200 monitor with what was a top line gaming laptop two years ago. Most scenarios play well apart from the huge ones with tons of units (Hot Time in Hatten for example). Thinking about getting an Asus ROG Swift PG279Q (2560*1440) with 144 Hz and G-sync. It is often stated that CM is CPU heavy rather than GPU. So what does each component do to make the games run well? Apart from loading time and combat calculations, what does the CPU do once the turn replay is underway? Isn't that all GPU? I'm afraid that the larger monitor will slow down frame rate too much to be acceptable with the current laptop (GTX 970M card). I'm also a bit unsure about the refresh rate in relation to FPS. Granted that CM will never push frame rate that high, but supposedly a high refresh rate will always make for a more pleasant view with less strain on the eyes. I also intend for the monitor to last many years and the next PC I get will be a high end stationary one. A small UI on the new monitor doesn't bother me.
  18. Yay! Looking forward to this as I'm getting the game not having played the original.
  19. I play CM the vast majority of my gaming time and G-sync isn't the deal breaker. But it is a nice feature for other games like Project Cars and the occasional FPS. Interesting that Civ map scrolling is aided. I have been on the fence for that game. Maybe I'll pick it up in the Steam summer sale that is coming up.
  20. You're probably right about the fluctuating framerates. If it only temporarily drops to 0 FPS, then perhaps G-sync identifies that as no frame rendered and it causes the screen to for a microsecond go black i.e. flicker. Does it flicker if relatively little action on screen and no panning with the camera? I think I use adaptive refresh, but have to check that.
  21. That's encouraging As I mentioned I'm unsure about what GPU and CPU contribute with when scaling up. I have an i7-6700HQ @2,6 Ghz. @PIATpunk what do you run? My impression of G-sync is that the display will never show a frame that hasn't been fully rendered, thus making screen tearing "impossible". Wouldn't that apply to any frame rate? I see screen tear on occasion in CM.
  22. Thanks for the advice, but a 40 inch would be way too big where I have my PC. Wouldn't want to sit close to one that big either. I prefer high res but not on too large screen. That way I find things look the best. I didn't know though that the price difference was that large.
  23. To me it seems like the more floating icons (spotted) that are shown on-screen at the same time the lower FPS you will get as well as moving the camera (AWSD) will be more sluggish. This is most evident in the editor when placing units in 3d mode and you have a lot of trenches, mines and barbed wire (each section has its own icon). It makes sense as each icon then tracks movement of all units no matter if the unit is visible on-screen or not and their position in the 3d world. Icons can be toggled off which is nice, but I find it very hard to play without them, especially on large maps. But it made me thinking of the little "pointers" at the top of the screen. I personally have never found any use for them, but they track units movement as well, like the floating icons. I wonder if they also contribute to lower FPS and more sluggish camera movement like the floating icons and take up precious CPU power? In that case it would be nice if they could also be toggled off. BFC, would that be a hard thing to implement. FPS and low sluggishness is a valuable commodity in large/huge scenarios.
  24. The map thing is related if you want to make scenarios as well as the book itself.
  25. @Aragorn2002: what level of detail are the maps which I understand come as a seperat booklet?