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  1. rocketman

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Yeah, that would fit the bill as well for sure. That monument is so impressive. Would like to see it IRL.
  2. rocketman

    New Schmuck in need of advice

    I like @Hapless reaction to the mayhem, settling with "hmm, interesting..." Thank God I'm not a Youtuber, I would have screamed my head off with profanities. Will check out more of his stuff on YT though. Yes, the charm with CM, "live and learn", or "die and learn". "Fail again, fail better" is sort of a motto for me. Only way to improve your game, especially when taking on human oppos in scenarios never played before.
  3. rocketman

    Demo Feedback

    I guess I based that on the WWII titles, so I'm wrong to assume that.
  4. rocketman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    OK, cool, I was thinking of doing something for the central panel, but maybe it is better off without. I'll tinker some and see what I come up with.
  5. rocketman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Thanks, I'll probably do something with it in time. Looks really nice. If I make one I'll make sure to credit you. Is it an Aris tank mod?
  6. rocketman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    I had a similar idea a while back, but I would never been able to produce this level of quality results. Spectacular 👏 If you continue the whole photo will be colorized. What size is that first pic? Would make a sweed menu screen mod.
  7. Well, if we can't have tank riders in all titles, this is the next best thing for sure. Imagine the fun in snowy conditions! Weeeeeee......
  8. "I'd rather play a Stanley Kubrick game than a Ron Howard game." @Der Kommisar Best quote. Ever. (to paraphrase "Comic Book Guy")
  9. Glad it worked. You know - sometimes even a blind hen finds some corn. Lucky guess on my part, but a known issue with CM games.
  10. rocketman

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    How about Khatchaturian's "Sabre Dance"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUQHGpxrz-8
  11. rocketman

    Demo Feedback

    Are ERA blocks supposed to disappear when "Reactive Armor" hit text is displayed, given that a location with blocks is hit? Haven't seen that at all so far in the Alamo scenario.
  12. I'm no tech wiz, but check for anti-virus program putting the game .EXE in quarantine. Try disabling anti-virus just for the installation of the game, and then reactivate it.
  13. rocketman

    Demo Feedback

    I got that too. I squad plotted a "panic route" to the far back of the compound through the main gate from which they took heavy fire. No enemies within the compound so basically any building section would have worked out better.
  14. rocketman

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Nicely done sir! Gave me a "Ride of the Valkyries" vibe
  15. I have noticed a long time now in the other CM games that no matter if I have Shaders "On" in the Advanced Options, some scenarios (not all) always start with shaders off, and each time a load a save for that scenario the shaders are off again. This seems to be the case in the SF2 demo as well. But I have also noted that having "Tree detail" set to "Low", the Day at the Beach scenario has no trees/tall grass swaying (as they should), but in Alamo they always do (and there is no toggle for it in game). In the Alamo I also have to manually put shaders on, despite having the advance option set "on". So, the Advanced settings work for one scenario but not the other. In the other CM games I have always played with "Tree detail" on high, so I haven't noticed it then. Do you guys have the same thing in these scenarios? In that case it is a bug for all. If it isn't, it might be a bug for some PC/Mac setups.
  16. rocketman

    Do the Advanced Options work?

    Good to know. But is it for performance or looks reason? I always find that the game looks better with shaders on.
  17. rocketman

    Demo Feedback

    ... big question is what the offspring will look like 😊
  18. rocketman

    bailing out of an AT gun

    Better safe than sorry, perhaps? Also larger caliber guns might need more to be put out of comission. Think thermite was used for tanks also.
  19. rocketman

    Demo Feedback

    In the Alamo scenario - the German Wold MG utility vehicles that carries the MILANs have the infantry floating icon. The dismounted ones in the same scenario has a vehicle floating icon.
  20. This from the "Read Me": * Faster graphics, including FPS improvements, especially for infantry-heavy maps and faster video cards. * Possible speed improvements depending on video card hardware and drivers. I have played the "Day at the Beach" USMC scenario and it runs so smoothly. Don't think I have ever had a better performance. This on a Nvidia GTX 970M with latest driver. Am I imagining something or are we in for a treat with the patch for the rest of the games?
  21. rocketman

    Demo Feedback

    But naval artillery takes longer to call in, is less accurate and has a slower rate of fire. I hope they substitute for true naval fire in the final release.
  22. rocketman

    Demo Feedback

    In the Day on the Beach USMC scenario the briefing states access to naval guns, but you have 3*155 mm howitzers and 60 mm (off map?).
  23. rocketman

    CV90 bells and whistles

    This seems to fit the timeframe and NL forces in SF: https://web.archive.org/web/20070928031602/http://www.baesystems.se/Hagglunds/ReadMore.asp?Pid=2&id=187 and https://web.archive.org/web/20050908090959/http://www.baesystems.se:80/stdpage.asp?Pid=4&id=180
  24. Count me in for sure.
  25. rocketman

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I have had that bug in all CM games for a long time. Reported to BFC and hope that the patch will fix it. It is an "irrational" bug as it affects some scenarios but not all.