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    strange little bug ??

    Nah, he's doing the patented Senator Orrin Hatch'es "Invisible Glasses" move: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe_tEH7N0nU
  2. Not sure if it is something I can solve. It just happens. If I find time I will do some tests in the editor and see if I can reproduce the "bug".
  3. I played Colossal Crack lately and when I started the scenario (as Allies) and looked around the map I saw these "crop circles" that appeared only from camera level 4 and higher. If I zoomed down they disappeared. They sure had the distinct look of trench systems. Upon finishing the scenario, see bottom screenshot, my suspicion was confirmed. One of the drawbacks of how the editor works is placing of trenches and foxholes only in 3d view and then in 2d view you don't know where they are. When I make scenarios I paint the ground with some kind of ground tile that makes it stand out, then place fortifications and then go back into the editor and remove the ground tile. It sure looks like this was the case above as well, but once the crop tiles where placed the ground beneath retained some characteristic that becomes apparent. How can that be? Can someone who have played the scenario load it up again and check if you see the same thing. It is in the south center of the map, not far from the "Bourgebous Ridge" objective.
  4. Jelly-fish was a known menace in the frozen hills of "the Bulge".
  5. Yes I have seen that before and posted it as a bug. When I've noticed it, it persist over just one turn and I usually also get very very long turn calculations for the turn when they get stuck in the loop. Haven't been able to tell if it occurs under some conditions in particular.
  6. rocketman

    help? new user

    If the key is incorrect it should say so. Don't think the game gets locked if you fill in the wrong key just once. You can always file a ticket with the Help Desk. They are experts after all. Also search the forum for other related threads. I'm going off-line now for a while.
  7. rocketman

    help? new user

    Uninstalling shouldn't matter at all. Just to check, you did activate the game using the license key that came with the game?
  8. rocketman

    help? new user

    Try the game. If still not ok, reboot PC and try again. Sound program should still be off/inactive in the task manager though.
  9. rocketman

    help? new user

    There have been a few people, myself included, that have had issues with sound support programs - so that was my best guess. It is probably in the list of programs which you can access from the Windows Start Menue (probably under "H" and a folder HP or something like it). Or press control-alt-delete and access the activity manager and under the autostart tab locate the program and put it on "inactive". Uninstall will delete it completely. But you can probably download it again. I have a habit of almost always uninstalling programs that came bundled with the PC. Just eat up CPU power.
  10. rocketman

    help? new user

    Welcome to the forum. Too bad you have issues with the game. So, it doesn't start at all? In that case try turning off the "HP Audio Switch" program that it seems like it was shipped with. Even better make it "inactive" in the autostart menue.
  11. rocketman


    IIRC all precision munitions were nerfed since the game was released. Some arty precision is rather seldom "bull's eye"-hits.
  12. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    Yes, but then there might be solutions. For me was it to put the game on an external drive. There might also be a sound management program that can be disabled which causes the crash.
  13. rocketman

    game crashes after some time playing

    There has been some bugs associated with sound and Nvidia cards. Try disabling sound in game (ALT-S, I believe) and see if it crashes again. Another one made small changes in the Nvidia Control Panel (can't check which now) and that helped.
  14. Thanks for this massive contribution to the community. Can't wait to try it out.
  15. rocketman

    Am I the only one ?

    True dat! Fast again ⚡
  16. rocketman

    Am I the only one ?

    Every day? Every minute ðŸĪŠ Just see how fast I replied to your thread. Refresh monkeys was set loose a long time ago 🙈🙉🙊
  17. rocketman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    I know, hope the upcoming patch will tweak them
  18. rocketman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    I'm working on one
  19. It gets weirder. If I start the scenario - nothing. If I start it, play one turn, save and reload - the "crop circles" appear. Notice that they appear at the level when the ground tiles become slightly blurry from being up high. Like this:
  20. Thanks IanL, PM on the way.
  21. Mods don't apply after some testing. If I load a save I see this, but if I start the battle again I don't. I started the scenario and played the first few turns about a year ago, but only got around to finishing it now. IIRC I saw this back then too at setup. I will try to replicate it. Maybe a save contains some valuable info?
  22. I use Aris terrain and will try to remove it. But if it was a problem with the tile texture file then all the crop tiles in the screenshot would have changed, right? Also if the editor states one type of tile, then there shouldn't be any way for it to mix different kinds once generating the 3d map, right?
  23. Any chance of getting hold of this scenario? Has not been transferred to TSD from Battlefront Repository.
  24. rocketman

    CMFB slow download

    It seems that from time to time people experience very slow download times. Try again later is my best advice. Since help desk is down, maybe they are doing some work on the site. Perhaps for the release of the CMSF2 demo.
  25. rocketman

    Assertion Failed

    That's interesting because I haad the similar problem with a preinstalled program (MSI laptop) called Nahemic which is also a sound program. Seems CM deals with sound in some special ways that causes a conflict and a crash.