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  1. I find that FRAPS causes loss of quality as well.
  2. Shaders are turned off in certain weather condotions as it is deemes to look better. You can turn them on manually. Are the cases above for all scenarios?
  3. Which games are these in? Going to take them for a spin in a QB and see what they look like in-game.
  4. Yup! The perfect showcase for what kind of situations the game series can produce. And the turn based intensity. Remember when I saw it and truly understood the cinematic capability of the game. Always wondered why more were not made to launch other titles/modules. It was for FI and not GL as I states above.
  5. They look awesome. I'll love to check them out in game. PM sent.
  6. The GL one was made entirely from in-game action and the video should state so.
  7. Will the release date of Aug 25th mean that we will have the updated British campaign before that? I think BFC should make a cool video like the one before GL release. On Steam, the first thing shown on a product page is usually a video and first impressions are really important. If it is immersive and appealing, maybe more people are prepared to learn the complexity of the game as they understand the nuances of gameplay.
  8. There is already a Steam page. Click "Follow" to help the Steam algorithm highlight the game for potential players. According to the page release date is Aug 25th.
  9. Will the title have Steam's "Workshop" support, like for mods etc?
  10. Slitherine/Matrix usually provide Steam keys for previous purchases when launched on that platform. So I hope this is not an exception.
  11. Get the master download files for each game and installing should not be a problem. 2k should work but the UI might look a bit small as it does not scale.
  12. Congratulations on the deal. Can only mean good things for BFC and the community as a whole. A lot more people will get hooked 👏
  13. I still have these issues after the latest patch
  14. Is the lack of South African voices fixed in the patch?
  15. Yes, victory screen has to be .bmp format (24 bit), so don’t change anything.
  16. You can't change the name or the file format. Have you had any other mods work?
  17. Yes, remake, please! I loved that game. Played it a couple of years ago and with some updated graphics and campaigns it would be an instabuy for sure.
  18. Another good way to get people's attention is to use "@"+username (a list appears). That way they will be notified that they are mentioned in a thread even if they haven't posted in it.
  19. @111thGameBn Don't give up on Italy just yet. Many mountain regions in Italy are arid with few trees which is very much possible to do in CMFI. Just look at the Polish campaign in GL and "Ramparts of the Pallikoi" in the base game. @Combatintman is the main problem the elevation itself or the sheer number of set elevation points? Would load be less if "unneccessary" elevation points are eliminated?
  20. Does Graviteam games have the same free camera that can jump all over the battlefield without affecting performance. Doing that on the fly would take a lot of calculations, even if a lot is done beforehand - or? @Bulletpoint never have played Graviteam games, but can you elaborate on "more realistic ballistics than CM"?
  21. In the top image, are those hit decals on buildings? New feature?
  22. You could have received a corrupted save from your oppo. Extremely rare but happens. Ask your oppo to redo his turn and see if that works.
  23. Just a wild guess here, but here goes: in the game we can see all enemy tank hits with hit decals, in the war only knocked out tanks left behind could be studied. Not all knocked out tanks were photographed and not all photographs remain to be studied. Perhaps a lot of tanks with gun barrel damage were salvaged and repaired? Are there records of what tank repairs were made, would be interesting in this matter. But perhaps there is a limitation in the engine for the kind of grazing shot a hit straight to the front would be. The incoming shell hits the barrel at a very shallow angle so maybe it doesn't take much for it to skim off the surface and continue. Perhaps the engine detects contact and penetration is calculated making the barrel susceptible to full penetrations?
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