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  1. When I work a game solo I generally get a good workout, but most of the time we run a two man system, and I do amble around. I hate a three man system, but I barely move at all when working the middle. This past fall was my last year in black, and I do believe that I'll miss it.
  2. And you are too busy being an annoying twit to send me a turn. </font>
  3. And it seems NG cavscout is too busy throwing possessors of overdue library books in jail to send me a turn. Happy Casimir Pulaski Day to all of you scum secreting sallies out there on the board.
  4. I'm surprised you managed to control your urges in the midst of all of those sweaty, fit, 12 year old girls. Was R Kelly also attempting to get certified?
  5. You do that a lot? Girl, you need to get out more. I do greatly fear that some day I am going to open a paper to read that you were found amid a pile of empty cough syrup bottles. </font>
  6. And where has the Cheese-Eater been? That unfortunately placed Midwesterner owes me a turn.
  7. The Illinois River Road provides equally magnificent views. The bald eagles are back for the winter.
  8. Very interesting stuff, and I'm looking forward to Steeds of Steel.
  9. Probably because it's a 'questionable' term. Dakota, Lakota, or Yankton are more appropriate, depending on which portion of the nation you're talking about. </font>
  10. It is not only range that determines vulnerability. If you have two or three M3s spaced closely together, they can generally put out a sufficient weight of fire to supress the enemy infantry, thus making them effective at a closer range than a single car. As others have said, the best use for scout cars and gun halftracks is to cut down infantry in the open. They are also good for lighting up unarmored transports. However, if you are engaging good order infantry in a terrain that offers them cover, it is wise to keep your lightly armored units out of range of the squad LMGs. These units should also not be kept in any one place for too long, as even light mortars can ruin a perfectly good White.
  11. All troops start every battle (except possibly the first, depending on the design) as "OK."
  12. I would say that you are on the right track. At the end of each battle new setup zones are drawn based on the troop movements of the previous battle. If you advanced, you will have a larger setup area. If you were forced to retreat, your zone will be smaller. You have free reign in redeploying your forces after each battle, unless you've imposed a "play as they lay" rule on yourself. If you have units far in advance of the rest of your forces they will be in no man-s land at the start of your next setup period. You can actually move them back into your own setup zone from no man-s land, but they will receive no resupply, no matter the supply level of your force. You can also decide to leave those men in no man's land, but you will be unable to move them at all, and they may end up on top of some Germans, depending upon how the lines were redrawn. The only units that cannot be redeployed at the start of each battle are stationary units such as bunkers, pillboxes, and 88s and fortifications like roadblocks, mines, or trenches.
  13. It wholly depends upon the level of supply your side has. A low supply level may result in only 1/6 of the usual loadout while a higher level will provide 2/3. I am not sure of what percentage is recouped for each supply level, but you can rarely count on a full load for the next battle of an operation.
  14. David, thanks for the tip, I did not know it wokred as though firing at a TRP, better re-read my manual I guess? I have backed my tank back and threw up some smoke from another, hope he doesnt get a last lucky shot in as I pull back. </font>
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and Happy Thursday to those who do not.
  16. I used to play a fair number of TCP/IP games, and up to ten PBEM games. I'm just too damn busy to handle more than two or three PBEMs, and these not as efficiently as I'd like. There aren't all that many real time players just floating about, and this number is further reduced by those who can't host games. I do prefer it to PBEM, and if I weren't so busy I would likely be disappointed in my lack of recent games.
  17. If you correct them you provide them with a measure of relevancy. Oh, and rleete is a neanderthal-like chum-swilling hamster-abusing girly-girl.
  18. Indeed, one more post along those lines and we'll have another candidate for Coventry. It's been too long. Joe </font>
  19. Why do I want to grow up and become a member of the voting citizenry again? And if you want to pile on our representative democracy, the reason it takes so long for a train to get from A to B is a lack of government regulation. They move oranges from Florida to Cincinnati faster than they do people.
  20. I may attempt to get a turn to you within the next seven days. Boo can wait.
  21. Birdgunner uploaded four or five large zipped files full of scenarios and operations from TSD before it went down. The Small Battles and Tiny Battles will be in whatever file contains the "T" and "S" scenarios. Search for them under the designer name birdgunner.
  22. The TSD salvage files have a large number of both Small Battles and Tiny Battles. I'm not sure who uploaded those scenarios, but given their titles, they are all in the last group at CMMODS.
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