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  1. @Liam The Japs deserved every bomb they got and quite a few more. They masacred hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians not to mention the thousands of allied pows they murdered. Don't forget that the Japanese did bomb the West coast of the US and I am sure they would have targeted US cities if they had had the capability. @roqf77 The UK may have more immigrants proportionally, but the US has to have more overall. While the US did not win the battle of Britain, do not discredit the contributions of the Eagle squadrons who fought and died to protect the people of Great Britain. Th
  2. P.S. Patton won his battles, and Rommel won a fair amount of his. But you cannot truly compare commanders if they did not face the same scenarios or enemies. Also, don't forget the part that Rommel played in the plot to kill Hitler. If he hadn't committed suicide, France may have been harder to take. We will never know.
  3. Reading books does not intelligence gain. Dresden was no war crime. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not war crimes. They were steps deemed necessary to destroy the enemy's will to fight and to obliterate any supply or command and control functions they had left. If were going to consider carpet bombing to be a war crime, let's not just point a finger at one side or the other. Any man who loaded, flew, or commanded the bombers would then be criminals, or at least accesories to mass murder. Will anyone respect this post if I don't state how many books I have read? Give me a break.
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