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  1. Sorry to hear the bottom finally fell out of the old bucket you keep down the well. In your personal experience, which is the one to jump on?
  2. I wouldn't describe myself as logorrheic, but the term may apply to some within The Pool. Congrats, by the way, on a post count which nears Doroshian magnitudes. If you've got a hoop, I found a nice stick laying out back. I'll bow to your experience in such archaic matters as to how to make it two player.
  3. For years now, I have traveled the West, hither and yon, perpetrating untoward acts upon the landscape to provide natural resources for the country and the world. North Texas, west Texas, east Texas, High Plains, Big Sky, and Panhandle...more Texas than your body has room for. At one point I thought I could write country music lyrics. Road-wearied, I found myself digging through a box in the corner of a closet in a two bit town in a dust-driven state. There was nothing new inside of this box. Some might say relics were unearthed. CMBO! CMBB! CMAK! Would some PBEM fill the time during w
  4. The Marines landing on Guadalcanal were largely armed with Springfields and Reising SMG's and not the Garands and Thompsons we more commonly associate with American involvement in WWII. Marine battalions contained a weapons company in addition to three infantry companies, and water cooled 1917s were prevalent on Guadalcanal. I haven't seen more than a few snippets of The Pacific, but my understanding of its premise is that it follows a few well-known Marines like Leckie and Basilone. Basilone earned his MoH while commanding two sections of M1917 machine guns. The writers got this one right
  5. I'm 39 and a half. The back hair is thickening nicely.
  6. So Americans aren't the only ones disenfranchised with this democracy garbage? I, for one, welcome the postapocalyptic thunderdome-ocracy, and the wanton destruction of thecontemporary political assemblage for which it stands.
  7. Not to distract from the serious nature of this thread, but my impression of women in the engineering field is that they are either dunderheads who enjoy the title more than the work, while those of actual intelligence are too smart to want anything to do with their male counterparts. I'll take the guy from environmental detailing how his plume modeling algorithm compensates for ground reflection given a specified adiabatic lapse rate over the woman from primary systems talking about how intuitive her ****ing cat is.* *stories are adapted from The Real Life and Times of Stoat: How Mythos an
  8. I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't have found it acceptable to do away with the guests altogether and turn the podcasts into hours-long sessions of you reading minutiae regarding parliamentary procedure. Then you'd retreat to your darkened study, and listen to your own droning voice fill the dim space. What could make the Justicar happier than that
  9. None of the halftracks with rear-facing AA cannon can fire in a forward direction. However, the gun mounts will swivel through perhaps 315 degrees, with the remaining 45 centered on the cab. The halftrack will also maneuver in place to allow you to get a shot off in almost all situations. Place it however you like, and you should still reap the benefits. Mobile AAA assets, including Wirbelwinds, are generally light skinned. I would recommend keeping them within 500 meters of your armor, but out of the line of enemy fire. You don't want to lose your AAA to a few bursts of long range MMG fire
  10. I see the geezers are still playing shuffleboard in the usual place. I guess someone has to keep ex-lax in business. Merry gentle laxative action, one and all!
  11. Sure, let's pick on the young and virile individuals who are out enjoying life for not maintaining a constant vigilance over this board, whereas the innumerable old timers who fill their time giving voice to these small shouts in an attempt to convince themselves that this is not, in fact, the long decline ... go blameless. Also, I'm not from Chicago. The clergy in these parts restrict their molestations to varying forms of livestock, as the good Lord intended.
  12. I am now of sufficient age that I am no longer on all of the Congressional lewd photo texting lists.
  13. This second page neighborhood seems nice and gentrified. How are the schools?
  14. I've noticed a disturbing proclivity among Ohioans to chew wintergreen dip and drink orange soda at the same time. Perhaps this is the greatest taste combination since cumin and unicorn blood, or perhaps it is only further proof of a pervasive lack of brain capacity among the natives here.
  15. They offer both cover and concealment. Units lying down behind the wall have an exposure of 0%, while those upright behind the wall will see incoming firepower reduced by 70%. You should note that the center of the sandbag emplacement is open ground and will do you little good. Place your troops close behind the walls to obatin the effects.
  16. Of course it's contrary to the official policy. But what the Colonel says on the record and what actually happens don't necessarily square. I don't need a Kiwi to tell me what's in the Constitution, but there's a pattern of behavior that continues to repeat: something like this happens or someone is denied a promotion because they don't fit in with the Christian establishment that is entrenched in the upper echelons of the US military, they take umbrage and the media gets a hold of it. Then maybe some Lt. Colonel on his way out gets a letter of reprimand, the media leave, and everything goes b
  17. Oh no! The US Army is run by Christians and your position on religion may affect whether you get promoted! This has been the case since the Revolutionary War, and is nothing new. Maybe Harper's ran an article, or someone else did a expose, but at the end of the day the military tells the media to butt out and goes on with its business.
  18. US-napalm, cheap synthetic rubber, VT fuses. France: pre-packaged cheeses.
  19. That was my impression. When I requested a key from the WoT site, I first had to create an account for the forums and whatnot, and then in about a week I got a key that allowed me to download the actual client.
  20. You need the key to download the program.
  21. Why would one bother to litter-train a cat if not for the resultant ability to abandon the animal for up to a week at a time? What could possibly go wrong with a cat over a two day span? Would it sleep 44 hours' worth of the harmful sleep of the foresaken? Would it eat the fake house plants with the passion of the forlorn? Would it vomit up its very spirit upon the recliner with the soul-quaking desperation of the marooned?
  22. Black widow bites are only very rarely fatal, especially considering the wide range of North America they inhabit, but their venom causes the muscles to constantly contract. I have not experienced this firsthand, but I can imagine that unabated muscle contraction could seem vice-like. I'd recommend killing them, as if happily situated they will only produce more, which will then spread around your property. That being said they aren't terribly dangerous, and your risk is lessened if you take precautions such as wearing gloves when messing with possible spider habitats. We get black widows
  23. The thread at Gyrene's place has some links to sites that offer keys, as well as more in-game experience. You could always try submitting a request for a key through the WoT website. It took 5-6 days, but it worked for me.
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