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  1. Remember the Beta AAR ? The sniper had something like a 30 casualties score.
  2. After ten turns of unsuccessful attempts (i tried all move orders, from slow to assault, and used multiple way points in all directions) i finally managed to get them out of the building : i ordered a nearby kubelwagen to get close to the house and gave the squad an embark order. And, miracle, it worked ! If this can help other players...
  3. Yes that's quite annoying. In one scenario it is my IG ammo bearer which is stuck in the building... and the gun itself has only 3 HE shells.
  4. In two different scenarios i'm currently playing i'm facing the same problem : i order a squad (or HQ) to exit a building but they don't. They are not under fire and i don't understand why they don't follow the order (i tried fast, quick slow without success). Anyone had the same problem ?
  5. From one of my PBEM i can thell that if he receives too much enemy fire and gets pinned down before the barrage start to fall, the mission will be cancelled.
  6. I think that HT rushes on tiny maps dont match any Hitoric realitiy.
  7. There is a mod for bright bases in the Repository. Best TRL
  8. The very good The mix of incredible detail (1/1 représentation, buddy aid, ammo count up to the single round) and large scale aspect of battles. This is very unique in wargame. 1 email per turn in PBEM ! It means more battles, more fun A small thing but which i really like: mention of the unit (eg : 2/175th Inf.). Add a lot of historical flavor, much better than the generic unit name of CMx1 The room for improvement :(In the scenario editor, no possibility to turn roads than 0/45/90° directions , same goes for buildings. It makes it difficult sometimes to recreate actual french villages. But bocage is a real improvement. :(No partisans (resistance) ! Hopefully they will come with a module. Playing the game I feel like i have to learn things again from scratch after 10 years of Combat Mission...
  9. I understand but personnaly i prefer the new vizualisation, where you directly read in the interface the complete command tree for each unit.
  10. I like the "new" system . Much more sophisticated and far better than the lines i think.
  11. Sorry to ask if this has been covered berfore, but in CMSF there was a mod manager. Is it working for CMBN ? Otherwise, is there already on Mod manager for the Normandy game ?
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