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  1. The best monty python was with mr. Hilter...in the national bocialist party..
  2. OK People. We have been through testing, with many people, and overall the response was damn good! All Preliminary testing is now complete! Last Stand-Oblensfeld April 1945 Allied Probe/Advance Dense Countryside And Its respective sequal The Line Cracks April 1945 Allied Offensive/Axis delaying/defensive Really dense countryside. GOOD LUCK PICK THEM UP AT THE SCENARIO DEPOT...
  3. Of Course...just because you have volkssturm, doesnt mean you dont have AFVs...
  4. Wunderbar! We Have One Ref so far...ready for the responsibility? WE NEED FOUR MORE...................
  5. Ok, I need some volunteers for a mega tournament. Me and the first five of you that respond will be the referees. Now, for the next three months we will put together scenarios spanning from March-April 1945...Now, this is going to be a very complex tourney when it gets up and going..but that wont be for some time yet. We will create a bunch of scenarios for a certain deadline. Now I dont know how you run a traditional tourney, but this baby is going to be complex. We as a team will put together a map of Germany and a large defensive plan for certain areas. As players join the tourney depending on their rank, they will be given command and asigned to a certain sector of the front. Then, depending on the units assigned to that sector, he (the player in that sector) will be issued with units of that type and from that division etc. They will also recieve reserves etc. We will take into account everything: i.e. supplies and other stuff. In other words, the allied side of the tourney, who is ever"Surpreme Commander" of the allied side will be able to dictate his own strategy based on the make believe map of the sections in Germany. So it will be very complicated. Many more details to come........ so who wants to be a ref? Disclaimer: Refs dont just add up the scores and see who wins in the end. For the next few weeks or months we will be incharge of organising this entire thing: I.e. putting to gether scenarios, OOBs and other bits. This should be entirely fictional except maybe some of the OOBs. This is going to be one hell of a MEGA CAMPAGN TOURNAMENT and its both damn you...BOTH! The official name of the tournament is STEEL HORIZONS --Niles Hirschi Volunteer Now! [ January 29, 2002, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ]
  6. The stupidest part of that entire game was when you got to fly the Ba 349 Natter all the way to Malta...what the hell is that?!!!!
  7. You ripped all those off from the new Wolfenstein you bloody copyright violater you... Still they are pretty cool...anyway, that Feldgrau is 1943 style anyway..
  8. Thats Tears, Sweat, and Blood: NOW AVAILIBLE at the scenario depot.
  9. Cracked open a few books on the Seven Years War..the real first world war, apparently, Fredrick the Greats Iperial Guard goosestepped..is this true?
  10. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by mrcitizenkane: MadMatt Just for FYI. Why didn't they do the game really time with a little more AI instead of turn based? Is it because of the graphics processing? I'll do some more research on aromor issue, any-one can be wronge. Thanx <hr></blockquote> Christ Almighty!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a god damned GAME!!!!!!!!! Yes the realism is wonderfull, I am a huge World War II enthusiast meself, and I love researching the war. But SHUT THE HELL UP!! It is a game! Did ASL calculate every god damned little thing?! I can imagine it now: "NO NO! Your tank was 100.5464 meters away, and the random number system calculated a richochet, JESESUS THATs Bullsh*t!! THIS BOARDGAME ISNT MODELLED PROPERLY!!" Listen who ever you are Cough*GUNNYBUNNY* Cough!!, if you hate this game so god damned much...yes thats right its a game wow!! For gods sakes, do you expect every little inch of detail to be modeled!? There are alot of things missing, yet this game is great and if you cant appreciate all of the work the boys at BTS put into then then GO PLAY MONOPOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, thats my two cents --Niles
  11. Good show Moon!..Sorry, thats mr. Moon! **SALUTE**..good luck --Niles
  12. Thanks!!! Hell, lighting no lighting, this is still the best damn game ever!! Three cheers for BTS! and so on!!!
  13. Is CM: B2B going to have ambient lighting effects, like the new GI combat?
  14. DANG! Pawbroon...I have never seen so many copywrite violations....LOL just kidding, great sight, why am I only hearing about it now?
  15. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by TSword: Will the build prize for a trench tile depend on the underlying ground ? It's much harder to dig in frozen ground (In fact one has to rely excessively on explosives, but quite easy in the spring/summer month on soft soil. Can the trenches be leveled/detroyed by heavy arty fire -> Give less and less cover after consecutive hits near misses ? What are in general the possible effects of mid - heavy arty on trenches and their poor inhabitants ?<hr></blockquote> This is unlikely to be modeled now. The code is being modified of course. I doubt that at the moment, we will see a massively detailed trench, with every god damned little tiny tinney winney itty bitty detail. We shall see, I am sure that trench detail will be enhanced with the CM: BB engine re-write. Who knows. Trenches or no trenches, CM: BB will be well worth the wait. Just to fight with all that neeto equipment.
  16. Yep, extremely detailed map. In my opinion anyway. The scenario is called: Last Stand at Oblensfeld. The scenario is fairly medium. The map is a beut! The sequal will be out also in a few days or so. I have spent two months total working on the both of these babies. The sequal wont be out for testing until this is done being tested and then released! Who wants a copy?
  17. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Captain Wacky: That looks absolutely craptastic Reminds me of the veggie fields from the Close Combat games. Incredible!<hr></blockquote> sir, If you are trying to quote Bart Simpson, then it is "Craptactular" not Craptastic...
  18. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Tom: Give us more previews! With images! OK..let´s have a look.... Still under construction........ In a few days you can have weatfields AND VEGETABLE (SP?) on your map ! :cool: :cool: Cheers Tom [ 01-19-2002: Message edited by: Tom ]<hr></blockquote> What are you using for the veggies? Brush?
  19. well this might or might not be a good idea for 3-d rubble but here goes: You could either: But uneven terrain down (like raise the area you want rubble, to be 9 for instance) and my favorite for simulating houses is, place roadblocks, then put the rubble over it, so you now have 3d rubble...
  20. Well the reason that the attack on Paris was not as bloody as the scenario was because it is pretty much a hypothetical scenario, because, the only real fighting between German & allied forces in Paris was against the French Resistance, and few were killed on either side, when Major General Jaque LeCler's armor attacked Paris in August(which I believe is when the scenario takes place, or at least when it should) the kommandant of Paris General Holtiz demanded a halt to the fighting or he would level the City of Light, although, he decided the historical cost would be too great, and decided on a fighting withdrawl, to inflict as little damage to the city as possible, so, intense fighting like in the scenario, never really happend. --Niles
  21. Okay folks, I need some good and dedicated testors out there! This scenario is of medium size, and has (at least in my opinion) a reasonable, force. Although, I havent had the chance to play it. I need testers!!!! Also, I will need some testers for the upcoming sequal (in about a week or so) which is called The Line Cracks. --Field
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