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  1. Why would they need to run DirectX through OpenGl? most new Macs have Geforces and Ati cards that should have hardware support for direct3D already, surely this will just be an API to get access to those hardware features? And would therefore have no more an overhead than Windows directx.
  2. I have had a 700Mhz Duron and 384Mb of ram, coupled with a Geforce 2Mx for over a year now. While it's not cutting edge its still good enough to play ghost recon or MOHAA with most of the detailed settings on so what more do I need? Although I'm going to get one of then 1.2GHz durons with 100Mhz bus before they are discontinued. Initially I had some trouble with my GFX and AGP port but all I had to do was force the AGP into 2X mode. That’s the only trouble with AMD, some crap MOBO's are out there so be careful, if you don’t want to worry about these kind of problems get a Pentium or better
  3. Use the compass arrows to move around the map in the editor. Yes you can edit the map after you have saved it. You can even edit the scenarios that come with the game.
  4. The boxed games is the latest version. Just Uninstall and reinstall. You can tell that it's the current version because its says Version 1.12 on the main menu.
  5. I recently bought a Home networking kit with two network cards and a Hub (very cheap £45 for the boxed set). The hope was to get my ibook and win2000 machine to talk to each other nicely and to share the internet (I'm going to get a broadband connection soon and would really like to surf the net whilst watching TV in the livingroom so I thought i better get them talking now whilst I have the time). Well all I can say is that its much easier than i thought it was going to be. These are the stages I went through 1) with TCP/IP i managed to FTP files back and forth very easily. 2) Managed t
  6. It feals like i'm playing in jelly with AA set to 4x. Theres just a slight pause between moving the mouse and the camera moving. I'll just stick with the dodgy status bar text.
  7. Ok...About a month ago I posted a similar question but got no answer. So I had to figure this out for myself, but this only works for Mac users. 1) Download and install an app called disk copy from apples website or the versiontracker website, run the application. 2) Drag the CD icon from your desktop into the little window. follow prompts and wait while a cd image is created. 3) eject CM disk. then double click on the CD image Icon you just made. This mounts the image and you can now run the game as normal. The image takes up about 300 Mb of space I think, with compression you can
  8. SHuttle AK31 motherboard, is that a VIA chipset motherboard? if so reinstall the AGP drivers in standard mode, and then force AGP into 2x mode in the BIO's, this has sorted all of my lockup problems and you really wont notice any performance drop.(you could always try 1X if you still get crashes) What about kryo2 based cards? are they any good with CM? do they support all the features? is there any graphics corruption like Geforce under win2000/XP? I would suggest that you try to fix all your PC woes yourself, paying some shop staff loads of cash just to reformat/reinstall windows every
  9. Is there any way to make an image of my CM cd and then mount it on my iBook? I understand it can be done but will I have to get some extra software? Also the came constantly accesses the Hard drive, this results in a constant click click click click, is there any way to stop this happenning? I'm using OS 8.6. I just got the full game and think its great. I ordered it from some French website and it turned up two days later, sent by air mail and the French air traffic controllers are on strike, I am most impressed with that service I can tell ya. Why did I have to specify Mac OS wh
  10. Thanks alot for the advice and links. Everything seems to work fine now. Yeah I've only got 4megs of Vram ,but the game seems to play ok even though its in blur'O'vision 640 480. But hey I dont mind. I 've got 96megs of ram, which seems like an ok amount judging by its current performance. Plus I can now play CM in the livingroom so my girlfriend doesnt give me some much gip for playing it which is a very large added bonus.
  11. Yeah its second hand blue iBook with os 8.6. Its had a clean install already, just found a link to a apple modem updater version 2 thing , might give that a try. Also can I update the ati drivers. I cant find any mention of drivers on their website so are the ones which come with 8.6 the only ones i can use? Thanks
  12. OK I gone out and bought an original iBook. This is a big step for me as ive been using wintel PC's for ages. My inital impression is hey this is fast and nice. It seems to be a much more complete product than wintel laptops which just seem to be a bunch of components thrown together in a small box. Also how come Mac users get a realy flash version of internet explorer? Its a much better product than the windows one. Now come my list of probs. The ibook will only connect to the net on the v34 modem driver. The v90 one will hand shake but then lose the connection, I think it is trying to con
  13. I'm sure that my PC powers down when it hibernates. I.e no fan ect, therefore I can only assume that it's purpose is to replace booting, i.e hibernation doesnt make sure drivers and stuff have loaded correctly it just reloads a ram image it saves when it shuts down and you the user keed your fingers crossed that evrything goes ok. Otherwise you would just save your work and shutdown normally????
  14. Just installed win2000 pro....evrythings fine except this funky Hibernate thing. I thought this was supposed to speed up booting( I think it saves everything in ram to disk and then just loads that instead of booting proper). I counted 56 elephants to boot normally but 67 elephants to wake from hibernation? Is this related to the amount of RAM you have on your system. I.e my 394mb takes 67 elephants to load and 32mb ram PC's take 6. Sorry its not related to CM but I just gotta know.
  15. So do the original iMacs not have 3D hardware? or is the performance just a bit poor. Slow I can put up with, plus does the Mac version of CM have a software mode? if so whats it like? What do you think of this Powerbook, 3400C, @240mhz, 12.1 in TFT screen, 32mb, cdrom, floppy? @£450
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