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  1. Am I the only Mac user who can get CM to run under OSX? Sure it's in software rendered mode but it works, just select the extensions manger start up from the OSX clasic options menu, disable rave, classic starts up and bingo CMBO under OSX. Also can't they just find out what Rave extensions don't work and just remove the code that uses them? Sure we might lose transparent walls or something but for the odd quick game it'll be ok.
  2. Hey, I've seen these fortresses first hand myself during a Geology field trip about 6 years ago. The first one I only noticed because I could hear the Swiss soldiers talking inside, it was a rock outcrop at the top of the glausan pass (spelling?) and get this I was actually sitting right on top of it, I even struck it with my hammer and broke a bit off to find out what rock it was (some type of Gneiss metamorphic rock I think...defiantly not Granite). Higher up on the sides of the pass you could see very flat rock faces, closer inspection revealed that these were in fact huge metal doors of some kind and the highest part of the passes road had permanent tank obstacles built in, they were covered with grates which could be removed and large 8 meter stone blocks that are located alongside the road could be inserted into them. The owner of the guesthouse said that most of the work started pre WW1 due to fear of invasion from Italy and not Germany, but I'm not sure how accurate this is. They certainly were not secret though; we could see the soldiers waving at us through their vision slits and those metal doors made an awful loud noise when smacked with a geological hammer. No-one asked us what we were doing and their were no signs saying that we shouldn’t have been there.... strange?
  3. How small was this raid? was it this small? . see that full stop? thats the same size as your brain that is.
  4. Is that it ? after all this time ? a few close ups of some bloody nazi's. your mental you lot.....mental
  5. Why oh why didnt he just save the files in csv format? Any spreadsheet can then open them, sure you don't get fancy bold text and swanky formating but at least you would be able to open them in apple works. Highlight the bottom text, paste into a text editor and save the file with the extension .csv, then double click on the file in explorer and it should open straight into Excel with most of the important formating. Or try this in excel, copy all the text below into Excel cell A1, highlight the whole of column A, select the menu item "Text to columns" from the data menu, a funky window will appear, make sure "delimited" is highlighted and then click next. In the next screen click the "comma" check box and click finish. Bingo data in a non propitary format, information for the poor, freedom from Microsoft. Go for it. -------------------------------------------------- Edited because if you just do paste special(Right click) and select the text option, Excel will format the data for you automatically. Dang that HTML. (If you do the previous method, it works but you will have to do some weird stuff with text wrapping and stuff, I hate HTML) ------------------------------------------------- American Arty,,,,,,,,,, 75mm Arty (80),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,0:11 secs,39,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,03:10,02:11,01:51,01:37,00:58,,,, no LOS,,06:39,04:03,03:54,02:18,02:11,,,, 81mm Mortar Arty (200),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:21,00:15,00:12,00:10,00:09,,0:05 secs,18,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,00:40,00:28,00:24,00:19,00:16,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,01:34,00:51,00:49,00:44,00:31,,,, no LOS,,03:06,02:04,02:00,01:37,01:09,,,, 105mm Arty (100),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,0:13 secs,77,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,03:15,01:58,01:49,01:35,01:23,,,, no LOS,,06:37,03:41,03:23,03:09,02:46,,,, 105mm VT Arty (100),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,0:16 secs,77,Oct44-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,03:16,02:01,01:52,01:33,01:18,,,, no LOS,,06:30,04:43,03:02,03:04,01:57,,,, 4.2in Mortar Arty (80),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:21,00:15,00:12,00:10,00:09,,0:10 secs,72,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,00:40,00:28,00:24,00:19,00:16,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,01:25,01:02,01:00,00:45,00:35,,,, no LOS,,02:43,02:12,02:00,01:34,01:17,,,, 4.5in Arty (40),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,0:17 secs,125,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,03:01,02:00,01:58,01:25,01:16,,,, no LOS,,06:32,04:16,03:44,02:34,02:37,,,, 155mm Arty (35),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,0:32 secs,198,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 2 secs),, LOS,,02:23,02:01,02:01,01:16,01:06,,,, no LOS,,05:47,04:27,03:49,03:14,02:47,,,, 155mm VT Arty (35),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,0:32 secs,198,Oct44-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 2 secs),, LOS,,02:44,02:06,01:50,01:22,01:14,,,, no LOS,,05:50,04:22,03:22,02:44,02:14,,,, 8in Howitz Arty (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,1:05 secs,388,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 5 secs),, LOS,,02:26,02:19,02:01,01:19,01:02,,,, no LOS,,06:26,04:12,02:53,02:48,02:24,,,, 8in Gun Arty (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,1:02 secs,456,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 3 secs),, LOS,,02:58,01:46,01:26,01:27,01:08,,,, no LOS,,04:44,04:09,04:02,03:18,02:40,,,, 240mm Arty (18),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,2:09 secs,648,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 6 secs),, LOS,,03:11,01:38,01:34,01:34,01:14,,,, no LOS,,04:53,04:41,03:40,02:45,02:02,,,, 14in Naval (10),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,1:56 secs,2348,Begin-Aug44 TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:59,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 6 secs),, LOS,,03:16,02:11,01:58,01:15,01:02,,,, no LOS,,05:41,04:20,03:45,03:17,02:37,,,, British Arty,,,,,,,,,, 75mm Arty {AirB} (80),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,0:11 secs,39,Begin-Aug44 TRP no LOS,,,00:58,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,,01:52,01:51,01:25,01:06,,,, no LOS,,,04:46,03:02,03:03,02:44,,,, 3in Mortar Arty (180),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:31,00:22,00:19,00:15,00:13,,0:05 secs,26,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:01,00:43,00:37,00:30,00:25,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,02:26,01:46,01:23,01:07,00:57,,,, no LOS,,04:48,03:32,02:50,02:14,01:42,,,, 4.2in Mortar Arty (80),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:31,00:22,00:19,00:15,00:13,,0:12 secs,47,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,01:01,00:43,00:37,00:30,00:25,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,02:17,01:47,01:08,00:55,00:50,,,, no LOS,,04:42,03:32,02:47,02:24,01:30,,,, 25 pdr Arty (120),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:21 secs,59,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 2 secs),, LOS,,04:13,03:31,02:06,02:22,01:51,,,, no LOS,,09:17,06:09,04:09,04:44,04:14,,,, 25 pdr VT Arty (120),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:22 secs,59,Dec44-End TRP no LOS,,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 2 sec),, LOS,,03:57,02:31,02:30,01:59,01:39,,,, no LOS,,09:13,06:45,06:02,04:58,04:01,,,, 4.5in Arty (40),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:21 secs,125,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,,04:09,03:19,02:41,02:05,01:28,,,, no LOS,,08:58,06:19,04:47,04:53,03:59,,,, 5.5in Arty (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:30 secs,208,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 2 secs),, LOS,,04:18,03:11,02:02,02:25,02:06,,,, no LOS,,09:55,06:36,05:40,04:46,03:38,,,, 5.5in VT Arty (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:30 secs,208,Dec44-End TRP no LOS,,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 2 secs),, LOS,,04:55,03:14,02:58,02:21,01:44,,,, no LOS,,09:49,05:07,04:59,04:38,04:07,,,, 7.2in Arty (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,1:03 secs,387,Begin-End TRP no LOS,,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 2 secs),, LOS,,04:18,03:02,03:01,01:54,01:31,,,, no LOS,,08:35,05:58,06:01,04:25,03:46,,,, 14in Naval (10),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,,00:42,00:30,00:25,00:21,00:18,,1:55 secs,2348,Begin-Aug44 TRP no LOS,,01:22,00:58,00:49,00:40,00:34,,(+/- 15 secs),, LOS,,02:42,02:01,01:57,01:36,01:25,,,, no LOS,,06:09,03:46,03:53,03:12,02:49,,,, German Arty,,,,,,,,,, 75mm Arty (50),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:10 secs,36,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,06:39,04:32,03:51,03:02,02:21,01:45,,,, no LOS,11:16,07:48,06:30,05:32,04:41,04:16,,,, 81mm Mortar Arty (150),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,00:45,00:31,00:22,00:19,00:15,00:13,,0:04 secs,19,Begin-End TRP no LOS,01:28,01:01,00:43,00:37,00:30,00:25,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,02:33,02:07,01:46,01:16,01:13,00:55,,,, no LOS,05:29,04:29,03:33,02:33,02:19,02:03,,,, 105mm Arty (60),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:17 secs,75,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,06:09,04:59,02:50,02:51,02:21,02:01,,,, no LOS,10:45,09:28,05:45,05:40,04:19,03:33,,,, 120mm Mortar Arty (50),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,00:45,00:31,00:22,00:19,00:15,00:13,,0:11 secs,80,Begin-End TRP no LOS,01:28,01:01,00:43,00:37,00:30,00:25,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,03:01,02:03,01:17,01:04,01:03,00:45,,,, no LOS,06:17,04:04,03:26,02:35,01:53,01:45,,,, 150mm Arty (35),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:26 secs,198,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,06:59,04:48,02:32,02:10,02:30,01:52,,,, no LOS,12:03,08:09,05:50,05:45,04:50,04:04,,,, 150mm Rockets (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:05 secs,135,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,07:07,04:33,03:03,02:44,02:13,01:47,,,, no LOS,11:32,09:01,05:03,05:40,04:47,03:28,,,, 170mm Arty (20),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:47 secs,298,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 2 secs),, LOS,06:51,03:27,02:35,02:06,02:22,01:37,,,, no LOS,13:25,08:54,06:21,04:33,04:23,04:11,,,, 210mm Arty (20),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:56 secs,465,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 3 secs),, LOS,06:35,04:22,02:55,02:44,02:02,01:35,,,, no LOS,10:06,09:52,06:57,05:48,04:49,03:35,,,, 210mm Rockets (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:05 secs,423,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,06:22,03:50,03:26,02:47,02:00,01:35,,,, no LOS,11:22,06:42,04:49,04:19,04:11,03:17,,,, 240mm Arty (18),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,2:13 secs,627,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 6 secs),, LOS,04:58,04:10,02:54,02:03,01:51,01:38,,,, no LOS,13:28,09:46,07:00,04:39,04:51,04:07,,,, 300mm Rockets (25),Con,Grn,Reg,Vet,Crk,Eli,,Interval,Blast,Intro TRP LOS,01:29,01:02,00:45,00:38,00:31,00:27,,0:05 secs,426,Begin-End TRP no LOS,02:58,02:04,01:28,01:15,01:01,00:52,,(+/- 1 sec),, LOS,05:25,03:45,02:45,02:04,02:11,02:09,,,, no LOS,13:53,08:20,06:13,05:57,04:52,04:14,,,, "Note: When using a TRP (target reference point), the numbers listed here are exact. When you don't",,,,,,,,,, "use the TRPs, the numbers here can vary wildly. Most test were run only once, so average ETAs are",,,,,,,,,, not represented. Some ETAs listed here may be off by as much as 2 minutes (i.e. conscript with no LOS).,,,,,,,,,, Consider yourself warned.,,,,,,,,,, Numbers given here indicate when the 'Firing' message is first seen; not when the shells first begin to land. "When firing at a target that is not in LOS, the time it takes before firing is double that of targets the FO can" "see. When it begins counting down at 59 seconds, the clock ticks at half the rate of game time. For targets" "the FO can see, the ETA clock ticks at normal speed. This applies whether you use a TRP or not." A moving FO firing at a target within LOS will count down as if he were aiming at a target out of LOS (i.e. the "clock ticks at half the rate of time in the game). But once within LOS and no longer moving, the counter ticks" "at the same rate as game time, and having LOS to a target inherently improves shell accuracy. So moving an FO" from an area where he can't see the target to one where he can does have benefits (both in terms of ETA speed "and accuracy), but not until the FO stops moving. Accuracy, however, is the same whether the FO is moving or" not (it only depends on whether the FO has LOS to the target). This also applies when using TRPs. "Numbers in parenthesis ( ) indicate actual number of rounds available. Each ""volley"" (fire mission) expends 4" "shells per volley. Each spotting shell reduces the number of total shells by 1. The last ""volley"" may end up" firing fewer than the normal 4 shells. "The ""Interval"" is the time between fire missions (volleys), not individual shells." "The experience level of the FO does not affect the accuracy (shell pattern or size). For info on shell patterns, see:" http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/Forum1/HTML/010543.html HQ units do not have any effect on an FO's accuracy or on how quickly the shells begin to fall. An HQ also cannot spot for an FO. "The German 120mm mortars, 170mm, 210mm, 210mm rockets, 240mm, and 300mm rockets do not fire smoke." "The American 4.2in mortar, 4.5in, 8in How, 8in Gun, 240mm, and 14in Naval do not fire smoke." "The British 4.5in, 5.5in, 5.5in VT, 7.2in, and 14in Naval do not fire smoke." © 2000-2001 by Chris Hare (chare@erols.com) http://users.erols.com/chare/cm/ [ June 19, 2002, 08:23 PM: Message edited by: SpazManOught ]
  6. They all look like they are based on the Brit light tank MkVIB but none of them look like the standard model, not even the middle one. A number when in service with the BEF in France so that would explain the bottom pic.
  7. Well will we? Did any of the axis countries still use tankettes at this stage in the war?
  8. If you invest in research you should get some kind of return from it. I mean 3 research points cost what 750mpps. You have got to save up for ages to get this many points and thus the rest of your army will suffer, if you only get a small return from this investment then you are well and truely screwed. I think its fine the way it is, you invest money in the hope that you will get a large bonus at some point in the near future. If you only get a small return or have to wait 10 years for it then no one will bother with research as it will be far to risky. If people don't use it then its just a waste of code even if it is more realistic. Edited because I should have done more research. [ June 03, 2002, 07:46 PM: Message edited by: SpazManOught ]
  9. I second the vote for the apple. Apples laptops are of a much higher quality than most PC laptops, the only problem are 1) power books are expensive 2) It's a real pain in the arse switching from OS X to OS 9, just to play CMBO. 3) You'll have to buy a whole new set of MS apps to run on it (Thats if you use MS Office) Other than that they are great and my iBook really does last 5hours( well maybe 4 ) on its battery whilst playing CM off a CD disk image, no 90% cpu usage for me. OS X networks really well with MS PC's, its just a shame that the documentation you get with the Mac gives no indication of how to do this.
  10. If this happened then people wouldn't buy captured enemy tanks, so there would be no point in adding this feature.
  11. Is it still the largest tank battle? I thought it had been superseded by the October War 1973 with 6000+ Israeli, Syrian and Egyptian tanks (actual tanks not StuG's/assualt guns and involved in the fight not reserves) [ May 06, 2002, 08:52 PM: Message edited by: SpazManOught ]
  12. Yes in 10 years we may have 1028 Ghz PC's but the memory bus will still be stuck at Double data rate 133Mhz . Plus some wacko has got to program for this beast, but then we might get very simple programing languages to take advantage of all the wasted Hertz.
  13. Can't we just have CM:TANKS. All I really want is this game with all the tanks ever produced in the world included. If this was done then selecting the year and Nation will have a really big effect on the game. 1950's British Centurions V's JS III's would be ace.
  14. I understand that CMBO only takes up about 300Mb of the disk and this was with a mixture of BMP's and Mac resource files. If CMBB uses only BMP's then there may be enough room on one CD for both versions.
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