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  1. I didn't think it was possible to ever be "finished" with a Battlefront game
  2. I just bought the complete upgrade to Shock Forces 2.0. I can activate it but then the launch splash screen comes up and it doesn't progress. Also if I launch it again it makes me re-activate again. Something is up I guess in the registration process.
  3. Moral was at cautious and after spending a couple turns getting the commander in the area it did drop to nervous. After laying there for 10-15 turns that doesn't seem like it would be morale after that length of time for a veteran unit.
  4. Here is a screen shot of the terrain. The bunker next to them has been knocked out for 10-15 minutes in game along with the German Vehicle. I just left them behind while the rest of the platoon scouted ahead for Germans. You can also see the command link.
  5. Terrain is fine. Nothing but light woods, open terrain and road. Even just ordering them 1 grid spot has them laying prone.
  6. So, I got a bug with a mortar team that will not move. The scenario is Out on a limb and involves either the 82nd or 101st. I don't recall exactly off hand. Any how the unit is veteran/rested and started out cautious. There are no enemy's that they can see and are none for about 300 meters. They have taken no causalities and yet when I issue my movement commands they do NOT move at all. At the start of the next turn the commands have been wiped. They are at the edge of some woods and I am trying to move them around the woods and across a field. There are no enemy's with LOS in this area and I
  7. I got a hurricane heading in this week. Any chance the SF2 demo comes out so may last words with power for a while will be "damn it, that didn't work". :) :) :) For those closer to the storm get ready to get out or hunker down real tight.
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