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  1. I didn't think it was possible to ever be "finished" with a Battlefront game
  2. I just bought the complete upgrade to Shock Forces 2.0. I can activate it but then the launch splash screen comes up and it doesn't progress. Also if I launch it again it makes me re-activate again. Something is up I guess in the registration process.
  3. Moral was at cautious and after spending a couple turns getting the commander in the area it did drop to nervous. After laying there for 10-15 turns that doesn't seem like it would be morale after that length of time for a veteran unit.
  4. Here is a screen shot of the terrain. The bunker next to them has been knocked out for 10-15 minutes in game along with the German Vehicle. I just left them behind while the rest of the platoon scouted ahead for Germans. You can also see the command link.
  5. Terrain is fine. Nothing but light woods, open terrain and road. Even just ordering them 1 grid spot has them laying prone.
  6. So, I got a bug with a mortar team that will not move. The scenario is Out on a limb and involves either the 82nd or 101st. I don't recall exactly off hand. Any how the unit is veteran/rested and started out cautious. There are no enemy's that they can see and are none for about 300 meters. They have taken no causalities and yet when I issue my movement commands they do NOT move at all. At the start of the next turn the commands have been wiped. They are at the edge of some woods and I am trying to move them around the woods and across a field. There are no enemy's with LOS in this area and I have 4 squads spread out in the woods blocking them from any enemy attack. This has been going on for over 10 turns now and its probably closer to 15 turns. I even moved a command unit that was about 100 meters away to be right next to them at about 18 meters away. I am on engine 4 on all my games but I haven't played much at all since that update came out, but I have never seen this behavior before and I have every title that has come out over the past 18 years or so. I can provide a save game if anyone is interested.
  7. I got a hurricane heading in this week. Any chance the SF2 demo comes out so may last words with power for a while will be "damn it, that didn't work". :) :) :) For those closer to the storm get ready to get out or hunker down real tight.
  8. I have a quad 2.8 with 12 gigs (yes twelve) of ram, ATI 5970 with 2 gigs on it and run everything maxed on a resolution of 1920 x 1280 with no slow down at all. I frequently multi task by burning dvd's, working, running torrents etc so I wanted something I didn't have to worry about the ram on and wouldn't have to upgrade in a few years Before anyone asks the torrents are legally traded unreleased concerts. So don't ask for Combat Mission because you won't get it from me.
  9. I am playing a scenario that has about 130 meters of barbed wire and I was surprised that my units couldn't get over it at all. I have a platoon there with a command squad and figured they would slowly make their way over it. Imagine my surpise when they wouldn't even take a step. If the intent of barbed wire isn't to slow (as stated in the manual), could we get an execute command so my Lt has something to do other than cuss? I am doing enough of that that he doesn't have to join in as the choir.
  10. I have seen this and in the same scenario you mentioned. I had taken out 5 Shermans on that stretch of road.
  11. You did a really fantastic job on this. The visuals, the music, everything is great. I hope to see how it ends.
  12. Its a valid complaint. I have had to change camera angles numermous times because of it. Its not my top complaint, but from a usability standpoint it is valid.
  13. I have something similiar. I sstart to hand at I think 31% and again at 70%. If I alt tab out and come back I have a white screen with the spinning cursor for about 2 minutes and then everthing is loaded. Its not quite the same but I never saw this until I made a folder for mods. I am wondering if its the mods now. Windows 7 64 bit ATI 5970 with 11.5 drivers Come to think of it. the night I installed some mods I also went from catalyst 11.3 to 11.5.
  14. I have a Logitech G500 but I haven't configured it for CM. I found using the G keys on my G19 much easier to use for movement and targeting. I guess I feel unbalanced if my right hand is doing all the work
  15. I played the first 3 CM games and loved wego. I didn't think it could get any better until I got hooked on RT in Shock Forces. I keep planning on trying a wego in BN but in all honesty I played so much of the first gen and have so many fond memories of amazing moments from watching the turn multiple times from every angle that I judt don't feel like I have to revisit it.
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