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  1. yes, I'm having very frequent disconnects. I think its related to my wireless Linksys router. When I loaded it on my wife's computer (directly connected to cable modem) I had no problems. Mine, no good. What's your specs? Wireless by chance?
  2. Well, I really want to get this one, but I won't either because of the "dropped connection" nuisance. I d/l the Gold demo hoping it would fix this, but I got dropped after around 2 minutes. I give up.
  3. I agree, Manta. I haven't been able to play a single online game yet. Disconnects every minute or so. Frustrating to be sure.
  4. Hey Rune, how are you?? Have you had any luck with McAfee?? I cannot stay logged on for more than a minute or two without losing connection. I've tried the demo campaign and made it to turn 2 with great difficulty. I tried disabling my McAfee firewall software and I had the same results. I'm guessing disabling should allow anything through--no??? I'm really starting to like the demo now, but am still on the fence due to these issues. thanks. edit: Forgot my specs: Win XP 3.4Ghz, 1G RAM Linksys wireless router. [ September 15, 2005, 01:53 PM: Message edited by: Airborne ]
  5. Looks awesome!!! I made shoulder patches back in the CMBO days. Haven't modded in quite a while. Now I don't have too..thanks.
  6. Yes, the same one. His cousin (Giles) commanded the 2nd Battalion, Irish Guards under him.
  7. Allied HTs do seem overly sensitive to MGs. I made a scenario to practice taking out a bunker. I used an MG bunker and assaulted it with Inf mounted in HTs. I don't remember the ranges, but all of my HTs got taken out with the MG before even getting close. I thought this was odd at the time.
  8. yeah, Grog fight. Sigh. Anyways, here is something to lighten you up. Taken from "An Army at Dawn" by Atkinson. In a phone call one evening the corps commander (Patton) grew incensed when Ward (CO 1st Armored) mentioned his good fortune in losing no officers in combat that day. "Goddammit, Ward, that's not fortunate. That's bad for the morale of the enlisted men," Patton snapped. "I want you to get more officers killed." Ward was dumbfounded. "Are you serious?" "Yes Goddammit, I'm serious. I want you to put some officers out as observers well up front and keep them there until a couple get killed." BTW, this is an awesome book. Thanks to Grog Dorosh for turning me on to this gem.
  9. The 509th Parachute Infantry (separate) stayed in the Italian theater but wasn't used much (if at all) in 1944. It was used to guard 5th Army HQ after being decimated in previous battles.
  10. Yep, this burned me too the first time. I knew this was something different from CMBO (don't have BB). Missed it in the manual too.
  11. US Army 81-85 MOS: 11H2P E co 505th Parachute Regiment, 82nd Airborne This was an independant AT company (TOW missile) FT Bragg, NC While there: REFORGER 82 Recondo School (FT Bragg) Amphibious Training , Little Creek Virginia Northern Warfare training, FT Greely, Alaska Jungle School (Panama) Anti-Armor Leaders course (FT Bragg) NCO Academy Desert Training, FT Huachuca (sp) Arizona
  12. If you mean the one above where you can d/l the demo for CMAK, I believe it is a US M3 Lee firing on what looks to me an Italian M13/40.
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