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  1. Thanks, I will try. Appreciate the help
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes it does feel warm, the problem though is that now all programs seem to be affected...ran a Norton virusscan last night and came out with nothing..... Not sure what you mean with heatspreader though... Problem is that here in Jordan, where I am currently working, there is no Sony service...so I had to take it to PC-zone...
  3. Now, this may be a long shot, but I have to check this... A couple of weeks ago I got CMAK (very happy) and installed it on my SONY VAIO PCG-GRV550 with P4 2.4GHz, 512 Mb RAM Since I kenw there was an issue with the VAIO's, I had downloaded the demo previously and it ran without problems. Before this, the computer was running without any problems, work and fun related programs ... Immediately, I experienced problems, in that, when running the game, the computer would just crash (total shutdown). Now, in the beginning this was just with CMAK.... I managed to get some PBEM games going,
  4. I believe that the original question was: in 1939 where did these countries stand". If you think of that period, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg were on a strict neutrality course. Though Belgium mobilized in September '39, it still refused to allow French or British troops on its soil for fear of provoking the Germans. I believe the same went for the Danish, Swedes and Norwegians... until the German mass tourism waves came
  5. Correction taken. You are right. I was in the office and did not have my documentation with me....it was out of the top of my head
  6. "Lawrence of Arabia", yes it is kind of great to be able to walk in his footsteps now that I am based in Jordan.... Aqaba, Wadi Rum, The Hejaz railroad.... all been there, done that
  7. Mainly QB-PBEM. Can't be bothered too much with playing the AI. TCP-IP, never tried, then again, I have ADSL at work and only have dial up connection at home. It's pretty stable though... would it work?
  8. Mainly QB-PBEM. Can't be bothered too much with playing the AI. TCP-IP, never tried, then again, I have ADSL at work and only have dial up connection at home. It's pretty stable though... would it work?
  9. Yes, Italy had Lybia in North Africa and in East Africa they had Italian Somaliland comprising of Ethiopia, Eritrea and part of Somalia.
  10. To return to the original topic, most of the overrun countries in Europe had a government in exile (mostly London) whilst the Germans placed a puppet regime to lead the occupied country. This was certainly the case for Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, France (with General De Gaule)..... We did not speak a lot about Yugoslavia, but that country was actually non existent, as such during the occupation. It was divided between Croatia-Slovenia-Bosnia on one side and Serbia and the other republics on the other. The Croatian side had a puppet regime under Ante Pavelic (Ustasa movement
  11. Yes, Axis and Allies is a Risk-type game situated in WW2. Good fun too. Hmm...Risk and CM...would be up for that. But, if your misses likes Risk, I am not sure she likes CM. Though mine can be found for a slug it out throwing the dice contest that Risk is (specially with good friends and beer, preferably played in a noisy pub where we sing supportive chants for each other ) (no we are not teenagers, we are in our 30's) I am playing CM for years now and can hardly make her have a peek at the screen....
  12. BTW, Kitty, Nice pictures..... but I am sure you get this all the time... hmmmm....
  13. Yes...what do I have in Mam's garage... (it's over 4,000 km away now...) Third Reich (definitly the most played), Panzergruppe Guderian (the first one..got it at the age of 12 from my Granny, God rest her soul), Jena, Okinawa, Guns of August, SL, ASL, Cross of Iron, The longest day (HUUUUUGE board, needed a table tennis table to lay it all out), Battle of the Bulge, Eastern front, ....pffftttt too many to remember now, it's high time I can go home and have a look at that garage...
  14. You should see my mom's garage... before the start of decent computer wargaming I used ot buy every board game I could get my hands on... good fun those all night sessions with my brother and then laying the pieces of the boards on tup of the cupboards in the kitchen hoping our mom would not touch anything or the cat would go venture on top of the cupboards.... My first Tandy (Radioshack) computer was used as "dice" (it was the only programming I did in Basic...) since my brother and I could not stop arguing if the dice had really been "thrown" correctly or not... sure had a lot of dice thro
  15. I recently saw one with Michael Caine. Basically they were sent behind German lines to blow up a fuel depot.... Spoiler allert! They end up being shot by the British troops in the cofusion of the street battle around Tobruk... Darned, can't remember the name of the movie now...
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