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  1. How about operations with persistent destructable buildings and vehicles? Enjoyed that aspect when I played Close Combat 2 years ago. Chris
  2. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but I was fiddling around with the scenario editor using Canadian Club and was trying to add an additional vehicle for the Canadians. While in 'units', I cannot purchase either single vehicles or specialist teams for Blue (the purchase button at the bottom of the screen is not present). It is like this for Reinforcements as well. Strangely, the purchase button shows up for Red forces both for purchasing units and reinforcements. Formations however works as it should. I've tried loading in a few other battles and run into the same problem. I have all the modules installed and have no problem playing the battles. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Edit: Just tried it in a new battle (just starting scenario editor and not loading anything into it) and I am able to purchase teams and vehicles once one formation has been purchase. Seems to be specific to already made battles. Thanks, Chris
  3. I mourn the loss of a truly great man. His sense of personal integrity and putting the interests of the nation above petty partisanship will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family and many friends. Chris
  4. Would adding independent buildings and some urban maps be possible as an add-in at some future date similar to the vehicle pack or battle pack that was sold for CMBN? Chris
  5. That certainly could be the case. As St. Paul said "For now we see through a glass darkly.." neb·u·lous adjective adjective: nebulous (of a concept or idea) unclear, vague, or ill-defined. "nebulous concepts like quality of life" synonyms: vague, ill-defined, unclear, hazy, uncertain, indefinite, indeterminate, imprecise, unformed, muddled, confused, ambiguous "nebulous ideas"
  6. I personally prefer nebulous shipping dates with quality products released rather than firm shipping dates with buggy releases requiring endless patches. Chris
  7. Bil, I think you are simply the victim of a scenario that has a serious force imbalance. You are not fighting at just a disadvantage, you are facing overwhelming opposition. Personally as someone who has loved your many beta battles, it would have been far more enjoyable to watch you from a position similar to C3K after you wiped out his tanks in Market Garden. Watching the interplay between you two as he engaged in nearly wreaklous heroics which actually succeeded in thwarting you which was reminescent of the 1st Airborne amazing resistance to the German counterattack. See saw battles are so much more enjoyable. I truly appreciate all the effort that you put into making these battles so enjoyable to follow (and make us all want to buy the game). Whatever the outcome, there is no shame in losing against a stacked deck. Chris
  8. I think Bill's aggressive attacks are driven by his temporal superiority of forces. Before the reinforcement, he is superior, however unless he destroys a substantial number now he will be ultimately be at a disadvantage numerically and in danger of being flanked (or attacked from multiple directions). Chris
  9. It would appear that he is a victim of his own popularity. Serves him right for making such an entertaining AAR. I'm generally a lurker but have been thoroughly enjoying your efforts! Chris
  10. With respect to reverse engineering project to decoding the .btt files, would there be any willingness on Battlefront's part to simply add a "Save as" functionality whereby an unencrypted file is output? Key assumption is that some form of output file exists in memory that is then sent through the encryption algorithm. It certainly opens up the option of cheating, but perhaps the community could live with that until there is demonstrable support. There would probably still be a need to elucidate the structure of the data file, but at least you wouldn't be fighting against the encryption. Figuring out the meaning of a plain text message is orders of magnitude easier than making sense of cypher text. With all its limitations, CC2's operational layer really added to my gaming experience. In terms of this project being on a mobile device, that doesn't do a lot for me. Chris
  11. The Canadians were there too. 2nd Battalion of the Princess Patricias received a Presidential Unit Citation for their action at Kapyong.
  12. The Canadian Battlefields in Normandy: A Visitors Guide, 3rd Edition , ISBN 978-0-9783441-4-6, Terry Copp and Mike Bechthold, softcover, full colour photos, 18 maps, 128pp. (newer version) Brief description: For those who plan to visit Normandy or just wish they could! This book contains full touring information, solid history, never-before-seen 1944 colour photographs, original maps and colour air photos of Normandy today. The Canadian Battlefields in Normandy: A Visitor's Guide, 3rd Edition is based on Terry Copp’s 1994 guide to the battlefields in Normandy. This new and revised guide is based on ten years of experience in leading battlefield tours. Much has changed since the last edition and this guide offers up-to-date information on the new airborne museum at Pegasus Bridge, the Juno Centre at Courseulles-sur-Mer, the Canadian Battlefields Foundation’s battlefield viewing areas or belvederes at Point 67–Verrières Ridge and St. Lambert-sur-Dives as well as many other developments of the past decade. There have also been changes in the road network and Mike Bechthold has drawn new maps that will help you find your way.
  13. You might consider picking up Terry Copp's "A Canadian's Guide to the Battlefields of Normandy" Chris
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