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  1. Thanks for the replies. I assume that I can purchase the upgrades for both Mac & PC CMSF2 & use my PC CMSF1 license key for both?
  2. Hi! I originally purchased CMSF1 for the PC. Can I upgrade to CMSF2 for Mac at the upgrade price? Or, if I want CMSF2 for Mac, I've got to buy it as a new game?
  3. Good to know that it runs well on MBPs. Hope it will run on my mid 2011 MBPro 13 inch. What was the RAM on your MBPro?
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Here's hoping that Battlefront will give some sort of discount for owners of the base game but not of the modules. 🙄
  5. I've only got the base game. Does this mean it'll cost $10 to upgrade the base game & I'll have to pre-order the 3 modules at $35 each?
  6. I have the CMSF1 PC version. Will the upgrade allow me to pick PC or Mac version or will we get both PC & Mac versions?
  7. For current Shock Force owners, about $50 since it would be a complete re-make. For new Shock Force owners, $75 or whatever it is for the Red Thunder game/Black Sea game.
  8. Anybody else have success using Stephan's suggestion to turn on the firewall? I've got the Win CMSF & was planning to get the Mac version but will hold off until this issue is resolved. Count my vote to upgrade CMSF to CM 3.0.
  9. Started with BFC's air war games (Flight Commander 2, Over the Reich, Achtung Spitfire). Then, BFC announced CMBO. Didn't get it until 1 year later after reading all the good reviews. Bought all the CM WWII series since. May look into the CM modern warfare series if it's upgraded to the CMx2 v3.0 engine. I also wish that Flight Commander 2 be updated, at least to let it run natively on the Mac.
  10. Thanks! Will this also work for CMBN & CMFI?
  11. Hi! Followed your link & was able to download everything except for Aris Axis Vehicles. When clicking on the link, the url shows mediafire but doesn't start the download. Is there any other way to download the file? TIA
  12. Thanks for the feedback. My method of using letters instead of numbers doesn't seem to work all the time. I restarted the Task Force Raff campaign & was not able to save beyond the 6th file. :-( I wonder why other Mac users are not encountering this problem. Happy gaming!
  13. Had the same problem a few days ago. Did the same thing as M1 which solved the problem. I followed the process outlined in this link: http://www.battlefront.com/helpdesk/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=240 Hope this helps.
  14. Hi! Was this issue ever resolve? I'm getting the same problem. Games after the 6th save can't be found in Saved Games. I'm playing the Task Force Raff campaign & on the 1st mission. Games were initially saved with the file name of "Task Force Raff - Combat Training 00x". However, after the 6th save, I saved Task Force Raff - Combat Training 007 but could not find it in the Saved Games when I started up. I've also tried saving with 008 & up but still no save file. I then tried saving with a different file name "Task Force Raff00x" but got the same problem. The 7th save (Task Force Raff007) could not be found in Saved Games. I tried another approach using letters instead of number (Task Force Raff A). Save files starting on the 7th save onward could be found in Saved Games! My Mac is a mid-2010 MacPro with Mac OS X v10.7.5. Any solution to save using files names with numbers instead of letters? CMBN is v2.12 with CW & MG modules installed along with some mods.
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