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US Rifle Squad

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I have a squad that has a Bazooka and 4 AT Rockets in the Special Equipment panel. I think the Bazooka uses these AT Rockets.

In the same panel there is 1 AT Grenade. And in the Ammo Panel there is an item below grenades that says "66mm HE 3". The squad has a M7 Grenade launcher. I do not know whether the M7 fires the "66mm HE 3" or the AT Grenade. I think the former. If so, what fires the AT Grenade? Or is it just thrown?

Thanks in advance,


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Yes, the AT rifle grenade and HE rifle grenades are listed in separate locations (don't know why really, but I suppose the AT grenade is "special" equipment compared to the frag grenades). Both are used by the Garand w/ M7 grenade launcher.

And the diameter listed for the HE grenades is wrong.

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Gerry, they are definitely rifle grenades, it's in the manual is well, don't know the page off the top of my head but it should be in the US Weapons section. Yes, you are correct, M7 is the name for the M1 Garand w/rifle grenade attachment. They rounds used to fire the grenades are blank so the whole getup has a different designation (please, if I am wrong, correct me on this last one.)

AFAIK, the HE Rifle Grenade came in two different version historically. One of them was a rifle grenade body with a Mk.II hand grenade welded to the top of it, and the other had a cup on the end of a rifle grenade body that a normal Mk.II could be placed in to fire it over longer distances with more accuracy then could be done by hand.

@ akd - I am curious, what is the actual diameter of the HE Rifle Grenade???

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The actual HEAT grenade M9A1 was 48mm in diameter. There were some frag one that size, but the later and larger frag M17 was 57mm. (However, it had only half the explosive filler of the HEAT one, the extra diameter coming from the bulby serrated "pineapple" shell. I strongly suspect the HEAT version was superior in both punching power and accuracy, even for infantry targets in any kind of cover). The Brits used the No. 85 HEAT incidentally, with 51mm diameter (2 inches) - quite comparable to the US M9A1.

The place the 66mm figure seems to come from is a Korea or post Korea upgrade the M31, but nothing that size was used as a rifle grenade in WW II, any role. Alas, this much later rifle grenade has a wikipedia page, and the M9A1 apparently does not. Badness ensues...

I hope this helps.

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