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Mac video preference problem (please help)

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I have NEVER had the option to configure my video/hardware setup even upon my first installation!? Has any one else had this occur? I have repeatedly deleted my preference file for CMBB and still no option to change settings :(

I have a G4 350 w an ATI Rage 128, I dont have performance issues but I installed Strontium Dog's Snow and Mud Mod and it looks blurry (as does other textures), which leads me to finally make this post. I can't tell what resolution and refresh rate the game is on >:-( I have my desktop set to 1024x768, is it playing at that resolution?

I want to be able to alter my settings, thats all. Any ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance gang.

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Yeah, CM plays at your desktop resolution.

I think your Rage128 is a 16MB card.

CMBB downsamples (blurs up) graphics a little even with 32MB cards.

Things like minefield signs and exit markers are blurry on

my Radeon 32MB.

Meaning, I don't think it's going to get better.

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On a Mac you don't get a chance to choose a resolution. To get it to the res you want, first go into your System Folder, Preferences Folder and delete the CMBO or CMBB prefs file. Set your desktop to the preferences you desire and start up CMBO/CMBB and it will either accept the setting or set it to the nearest one it supports. This setting will now be in your new prefs file and CM will start at that resolution until you repeat the process.

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