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CMBB TCP/IP problem

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A friend of mine(who is not registered in this forum) is experiencing some annoying freezing problems when playing CMBB via TCP/IP.

The problem always occurs during the data transfer and leads to a game freeze, usually after a couple of game turns.

It appears that this is a problem of his PC handling the tcp/ip connection and not a problem of his connection (dial-up modem), as he has already tested his phone line with a different PC and no problems occured.He has already re-installed Windows(98) but to no avail.He has no problems with other games when playing online, including CMBO.

I've read a couple of posts about freezing problems during TCP/IP but they seem to refer

to a connection type bug, which looks like it isn't the problem in this case.

Any thoughts appreciated.

PC specs:PentiumIII 733,256 ram,geforce2,Win98,

56k modem.

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The TCP/IP code was changed for CMBB, however it is still based on the OpenPlay Networking API.

This problem was seen in CMBO most often when a crew was captured and the data was being updated to the client for the next movie (that could be viewed without problems on the 'server').

Have all of these lockups happened in just one game or several games ? Is it the same turn or are these different turns ? Has the game been saved so that it could be submitted to Madmatt for review ?

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Thanks for the responses.Well, he has tried a different provider but this didn't help.

The problem occurs almost in every game, regardless of battle type, size and it isnt just an occasional bug.The game freezes during the first turns, sometimes in the 1st one, sometimes in the 5th, always while in the data transfer phase.He has no problems when in single player


For instance, in a qb I was playing with him,

with me being the server, while I was having the

message "completing upload" and started watching

the video, he had his progress bar stuck halfway of completion and the game freezed.Reloading the

autosave can walk for 1 or 2 turns till the

problem occurs again.

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I suggest having him 'abandon' one of these games that locks up and then TCP/IP the rest of the game with another TCP/IP opponent. This should help to discern if there is a problem with the game data (in which case the problem should repeat for the continuing player) or if there is a problem that is unique to your current opponent's setup (ISP, hardware or software issue, etc.).

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