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New file at the Repository: Aris_Terrain_Mod_No Grid (2011-08-28)

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VERSION 1.2Correctly Rezpacked NoGrid BMPs. This mod is a combination of Bil Hardenberger´s awesome Gridded Terrain and sdp´s Paved Roads and cobblestone from his magnific Italian Campaign Mod. I modified their work and added my own desaturated and sepia tinted bmps for Doodads, trees and other terrain bitmpas. Mod in three parts. Donwload all three to get a coherent visual style. No Grid option file.


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Forgive me Aris, but I am really confused by all the (wonderful) terrain mods you're uploading.

I just downloaded your recent "two part" version a couple days ago that replaced your original "3-part" version, and now you are back to another 3 part version.

Do I need to delete all previous versions and now use this new 3 part one?

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Umm, I haven´t uploaded any new version 3-part mods lately, just updated the 3rd part, the "no-Grid" one in order to effectively get a no grid terrain. It´s the version 1.2 ( I actually deleted version 1.1 manually). So if you want a no-grid terrain keep your previous files, download the latest version (1.2), remove the previous no-grid(1.1) terrain and you are done.

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Strange. Maybe I got it from CMMODS? So many wonderful new mod versions in such a short time period, it gets confusing...

For what it's worth: I deleted the original 3 part terrain mod that showed grids when not supposed to and downloaded into my Z folder two files called ZZ_Aristoteles Terrain.brz and ZZZZ_Aris No Grid_Terrain.brz.

So currently those are the only two Terrain files from you that I have. There are no grids in my game now. But, am I missing a third file?

I guess I'll simply d/l all three once again and install to be sure.

Thanks for all your work!

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