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Bocage Corners?

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Hi guys,

could anyone explain to me the logic behind those Bocage corners? Why is it that you sometimes can place troops in them and sometimes not?

I thought it had somethin to do with the size of the teams, but I tried with a PzSchreck team and could place them in one corner, while I couldn't in another one.

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If you examine the threads in which I've posted, you'll see many questions / complaints I've raised about problems placing waypoints, troops, foxholes, and fortifications. In one of my postings, I observed that I wanted to place foxholes in a particular field, one of the four fields bordering the intersection of two perpendicular hedgerows. The placement cursor indicated that the spot it pointed to was legal, but, when I clicked, the foxholes appeared well away from the corner.

The Battlefront programmers could speed up game play significantly by displaying a white dot (changing to red or black when a placement there would be illegal) at the center of the action spot. Rather than having a cursor move smoothly over the entire map, making the cursor jump from action spot to action spot would show players quickly what they can and can't do.

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Doesn't it have something to do with the orientation of the bocage corner in relation to the action spot?

This. You have to look at the way the bocage corner is laid out specifically over the action square grid -- E-W/N-S right-angle corners of bocage (normal to the Action Square grid) behave a little differently than right-angle corners made by "diagonal" bocage that runs NW-SE and SW-NE. I forget the exact details, but one of the two can create a situation where only a tiny part of the action square is on the "inside" of the corner, and most of the action square is on the "outside" of the corner -- in this case, the very inside apex of the corner cannot be occupied.

I forget exactly which bocage orientation creates this and can't fire up the game ATM to check.

In any event, in the case where the corner cannot be occupied, if you put the unit in the Action Square just to either side of the corner, and give them a face order through the corner, IME the unit can still arrange itself so that it can see and fire through either side of the corner.

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