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Odd AT Gun Crew Behaviour

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Playing 'CLosing the Pocket' as ALLIED.

It's turn 1 and the AT crew want to crawl away from the gun for no reason. One man runs in front of gun!

Somehow they manage to fire it with no one near it.

Any ideas as to what is going on here?

v 1.0.1 Mac


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I get what they are doing now...

The crew want to crawl round the hedge so they can sit in front of the gun! This is very odd behaviour for a gun crew as they are exposing themselves to incoming fire + the don't look like they are manning the gun anymore.

... there we go - 2 crew members shot dead attempting to crawl round to the front of the gun!

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Here they are loading a shell into thin air with the gun behind them.

I'll try a few experiments to see in what situations this is likely to occur.

Sadly, the problem isn't just cosmetic - by running in front of the gun they are dramatically increasing their exposure to enemy fire.


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