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Bocage aux Folles 2 - Pas de trois

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Charlie Company is still in the bocage, but now they will be trying out a new, combined arms tactical doctrine devised specifically for this terrible terrain. Each infantry platoon is teamed with a tank and a demolition team to assault the hedgerows. New techniques and technologies are part of the formula, and battalions have been pulled out of the line to receive the necessary training. If it works as planned, the Americans should be breaking out of the bocage much, much sooner than appeared possible only a few weeks before.

The 1st Battalion is back from training. As fate would have it, their first assignment is an important one, and Charlie Company has a leading role to play. The scenario depicting that mission is now at the Repository. Some specifics:

1. This is a fictional scenario and is company sized.

2. It is playable only as the Allies vs the AI.

3. The Americans have tanks and demolition teams. They also have unrestricted access to company and battalion mortars. The Germans have no AT guns or AT mines. It’s an American infantry company trying to do something completely new, versus a couple of German platoons who have seen it all before.

Some of the folks who played the original Bocage aux Folles scenario thought having a tank or an engineer squad would have made for a very different outcome. In this scenario, you get 3 tanks and 3 demolition teams. You should be able to cut through the German defense like a hot knife through butter. :)

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