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  1. In the case of HMG and mortar teams, yes. The mg\mortar is transferred to an active soldier without any buddy aid required. Done for balance reasons I believe, the teams would be a bit too fragile otherwise.
  2. Enjoyed this one a lot too. Definitely a fan of infantry battles of this size, means you can watch everything in detail without spending half an hour on a single replay.
  3. Has anyone else had the bug with infantry mounting a halftrack where a couple of the squad don't get in but instead end up running off across the map in a random direction? Really annoying because it leaves you unable to move the halftrack or give orders to the squad inside it. Had it happen a few times now, it seems to happen if they're in the process of mounting at the end of a wego turn.
  4. Low walls can be crossed by tanks and infantry, hedges and fences can be crossed by anything I think. One good tip is that whenever you're driving over something like a hedge or wall the slower you go the less damage it will do to the tracks\wheels. I always break through stuff with slow, a lot of the time it doesn't do any damage. That also applies to driving through some types of rough terrain. Going quick through heavy brush for example will cause much more damage than going slow.
  5. Yeah, I've had a few too many disasters with cover arcs to try to use them like that anymore. With afvs I mostly use cover arcs for stuff like setting the facing of a turret while it's coming out of cover, then using a face command to get rid of the arc asap. edit: It's funny to me how when I first started playing the game I would go crazy with complicated sequences of waypoints with cover arcs and pauses all over the place but nowadays I try to keep everything as simple as possible and have been seeing much better results from it.
  6. I've seen surrendering troops get taken out by crossfire for sure. Almost felt sorry for them.
  7. Easy way to keep track of what squad each split team belongs to: Select a team and use + or -. It will cycle through each team from the same squad sequentially. edit: oops, I see mr emrys beat me to it.
  8. No it doesn't. If you're playing pbem it happens after you click end turn on the command phase. Then the file is created to be sent off to your opponent to watch. So in theory you could go back and create another file if you see something you don't like from the bar. Like I said earlier though, I can't imagine being able to gain an advantage from it.
  9. Heh, I've noticed this too. You can also kind of tell how much happened from the filesize as well. I honestly don't think it can be used to gain an advantage in any way though.
  10. The game doesn't model what type of shell has been loaded, no. The type of shell to be used is decided at the moment of firing so you never have to worry about that.
  11. I know this was supposed to be fixed but I'm still getting it on 1.01. Just had it happen on attk med town (water) QB-101. Germans were supposed to be the defenders but got placed in the attackers deployment zone.
  12. I used to get this a lot (w7 64 bit) but strangely haven't had it happen once since the patch. Anyway what I used to do as a work around is save the game after giving my orders (save in the menu, not by ending the turn) then if the file doesn't create after ending the turn just load up the save and try again. That way you don't have to plot all your orders again.
  13. Rockets might not cause that many casualties but the morale damaging\suppression effect needs to be considered as well. I've had entire platoons end up broken by rockets even though they didn't actually lose many men. They can also cover a huge area for many turns so you can't even get out of the way or go around it.
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