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Covered Arc Plotting Range

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I noticed today in my PBEM game that when plotting covered arcs from future waypoint nodes that the displayed range (meters) is being measured from the unit's current position instead of originating at the waypoint node. The range displayed at the cursor when plotting arcs should be from the node w/ the preplanned arc. This would be very useful data since one of the primary purposes of arcs is for planning ambushes and range of engagement is important to know to maximize the effect of the weapons being used for that preplanned arc.

What do you all think about this? Has this already been discussed elsewhere? Didn't have much time to look around.

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I noticed the exact same thing while playing today. I was confused as hell at first when the points of my arc were shown as >100m away, even though I was making very short arcs.

My guess is this behavior is related to the way that when you try to target from a waypoint the line is shown from the unit's current position. Sure would be nice if this were fixed.

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The line you see is indeed emanating from the current position but the distance is actually taken from the node you are using. I don't know why BF has done this graphically but the LOS distance measuring is accurate. It is not a bug.
LOS measuring might be accurate, but covered arc distance definitely is not.
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Sorry Frankster, but you are indeed wrong here. Distance is measured from the units current position always. Check out the screenies below:


LOS taken from units position, note the range...


LOS taken from first waypoint, range still shown as 31 meters although it should be more like 8 meters now.


Once more for good measure :). Range should now be about 1 meter from the last waypoint, but is still shown as 31 meters. Works the same for covered arcs too.

This bugs me quite a bit as well, which is why I took the time :D.

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