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Snipers assisting forward observers

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I may have read into this incorrectly. But I placed an observer team in a two story building with a commanding view and sent a sniper team into the same building both on the same second floor. I noticed when the sniper team was not there the observers could not see as many enemy units. Maybe due to the sniper's different vantage point or higher optics rating.

Or maybe it was a coincidence? Do co-located teams feed intelligence in this manner?

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Yes; IIRC, it's been this way since CMSF -- infantry teams in close proximity will share spotting information beyond the regular C2 chain passing of information. So if your observer team is standing next to the sniper, and the sniper spots an enemy, the observer team is more likely to (but not assured of) spotting the same enemy, because the sniper team has given them a "heads up", and they know where to look.

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One time I had the camera locked on a newly arrived tank as it approached an infantry squad. When it got within a few meters of the squad, the map suddenly filled with contact icons as it got all the latest spotting information. Then the tank rotated even though I hadn't ordered it to. When I replayed the turn, I saw that the tank was turning its front towards a contact icon that turned out to be an anti-tank gun. Another infantry squad further over had spotted it earlier in the turn for just a couple of seconds while it was moving.

So the first squad saw the gun, told another squad (not in its platoon) about it, and that squad then told the tank, which responded to the information by turning its frontal armour to the threat. All in the course of one wego turn.

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