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Seeking playtesters for new "capture the bridge"-scenario

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Hi all

Just finished my very first CM:BN scenario and now I´m looking for forum members who´d like to test the scenario before I upload it to repository.

I´ve had great fun while making the map in the editor and while playtesting it. But I really need some other opinions on the gameplay: The new AI function in the editor seems to work really well, but it´s quite hard to know exactly how well until someone that is unfamiliar with the setup and the forces has tried the scenario.

I´m pretty pleased with the map itself, so if everthing else fails, I´ve at least have contributed with a decent quick battle map :-)

The scenario is fictional, so I´ve basically made a map with two sets of (not too unrealistic) forces and an objective with only one purpose in mind: To make a scenario that I myself would find entertaining. Only afterwards I´ve then tried to find a plausible setting to fit the scenario in. I chose Operation Cobra and invented the village of Basse-Gris on the river Vire. Here´s the story:

The U.S. forces have gained a major breakthrough at the St. Lô-area and the german lines are crumbling. The U.S. vanguard are pushing forward in order to maintain the momentum, when a golden opportunity presents itself:

The germans haven´t had time to reinforce the troops holding the two bridges across the river Vire in the village of Basse-Gris. Two days ago this village was miles behind the lines. Thus, a vital crossing can be secured at a relatively low cost, if the U.S. vanguard reacts quickly and captures the village before the german reinforcements arrive.

If you would like to test the scenario, please send me a PM here in the forum or send me an email to dennis_dynamite (at) hotmail.com


NB: At the moment I only have an Allies vs AI/H2H version ready. The axis vs AI will be ready later.






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Completed game to end. I played WEGO vs the German AI. I thought it an xnt map and a LOT of fun. Maybe it could be even better... Will send you detailed AAR.

One problem in all the CMBN scenarios I have played so far is that the US armor can dispose of German armor SO easily - per the bias in favor of US tanks it seems. The German tanks arrive and immediately are spotted and killed with one or two shots. The Germans don't seem to have any idea what hit them - almost as if the US had well-hidden ATG's sighted on the German entry points.

Have seen this happen so many times in so many CMBN games that I wonder if the Germans should have Vets or better armor at all times for balance.

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