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CM run in window


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Is it possible to get CM to run in a window, instead of full screen?

The reason is I run CM on a laptop with a second monitor and would like to be able to drag CM to the second monitor.

I tried selecting the resolution of the second monitor duing setup, but CM still runs on the primary screen.


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Deleting the prefs and having your desktop (task bar, Start Menu, etc.) appear on the second monitor, CM should attempt to select the resolutions on the external monitor. This may not work though since a laptop can drive two displays (LCD and external) with one video chip (a similar situation to 'dual-head' video cards). If there were two display adapters (which there isn't on you laptop) CM could be directed to display on the secondary monitor, though I forget if it attempts this automatically or not.

Unfortunately CM can't be 'window-ized' since the DirectX calls are geared for full screen display (I'm not sure how complex it would be to get a 'partial' window on the 3D screen - possibly something that DirectX isn't geared for).

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