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  1. I need to rebuild my Hard drive. How do you backup the mission files to preserve current progress for reinstall? Thanks
  2. If they are real men, you don't have to get them drunk!
  3. Thanks I was in the setup phase. Duh
  4. I'm playing the new demo, Training Mission. I'm trying to mount the units to the vehicles. I select a unit, "quick" movement, and place the cursor on the vehicle icon, when it turns yellow I click and a yellow link appears between the unit and the vehicle. I do that for all units that I want to load up. During the action phase all the units move to the vehicles and take up positions instead of mounting. I searched that manual and the forums but I must be using the the wrong term for "mount". What page in the manual describes the method to mount, load up, hitch a ride, get on board or othe
  5. We finally got the stinking Tigers! The trick for me was positioning the guns as I wanted, dismount the men and hide them nearby, otherwise the tanks take the guns out at long range. The guns just not having enough punch at range. I partially blocked the road with the PZIV on the far side of the bridge, between the sandbags, with one of the guns beside it. those men hid behind the sandbags. The other gun was tucked up by the building with the halftrack parked to hide it from the back in case of the tanks flanked. Those men had both panzerfausts. The idea was to catch a tank in the ba
  6. Arty does drive tanks to button up. Which may may give otherwise inferior forces time to get in an effective shot. Although I'm not sure buttoned/unbuttoned visibility is modeled in TOW
  7. Arty is a dice roll with tanks as it is with infantry, just More of a dice roll with tanks. A direct hit will destroy a tank and a near hit will immobilize and sometimes disable a tank. When those Tigers come over the hill I get chicken real fast and will take all the help I can get [ February 26, 2008, 02:37 PM: Message edited by: Hammer ]
  8. your right, Its a PZIV. I'm thinking to go back and kill the AA guns with Snipers (not realistic but I'm fighting the game now, not the enemy) and use the arty on the tigers.
  9. I like Mcalhau's Idea to go ahead and take out the outposts, which I original bypassed, with the Panther and to also use the AT guns at the bridge. My problem is that I used the tank to take the bridge and it destroys the AT guns. I just need to be a little more "surgical" at the bridge
  10. This has required the most replay of any TOW mission I can recall. Its been fun, however, now that I’m at the end and Have three tigers to deal with, having one Panther and a Panzerschrek Im having a hard time resolving this one. A few comments/complaints are in order: Why don’t the Sturmoviks I called in attack the tanks? They just fly by and once they see a halftrack on the other side of the map they attack it. Pretty crappy ground support! I cant believe that Russian Commandos cant judge grenade throwing distance any better than this and that they cant determine that if a vehicle
  11. I think the scripting is arranged so that if you have followed the suggestion in the briefing (get panzerfausts), you will need to use them. TOW is like many other games, sometimes it feels you are fighting the game, not the enemy.
  12. It works, comes in handy but I wish there was a key for any weapon firing or sound on the map... I find that often I am zoomed in giving orders and I hear something and wonder where it came from. I guess its realistic though
  13. Hmmm, I dont recall that at all but maybe the times I tried it, there we not "Important" signals set. Ill retest Do signals get erased by less important signals
  14. In the Controls, Camera menu. there is a mappable command titled "Signal Source". I though that this key would allow you to jump to the last "signal" from the game. Signal being weapon fire, report from a unit etc. However use of the command in the game does nothing, that I can see. What does "Signal Source" do? I found nothing in the manual which is pretty shabby in my book. A good description of all the controls is the bare minimum of a manual for any software
  15. After several attempts at preserving armor and failing I completed the mission by seaking one of my guns around, the left flank, until the tanks were sighted and taking them out one by one. Not very realistic I think but it worked.
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