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Warning regarding Mac version...

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Steve Jobs forced a delay of the Mac version of CMBN. He required an additional sub-routine to be installed in the program that will track all of your movements on the battlefield. When enough information is gathered the (unencrypted) files will then be sent to all of your potential opponents so they can analyze your style of play.

This added "feature" has potentially delayed the release of CMBN for up to 2 weeks.


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A more intelligent treatment of the same issue, actually linked to in the CNN article:


Short summary: regardless of what you think about the potential privacy issues here, this aspect of iOS has been known about for a while now, Messrs. Allan and Warden are laying claim to a "discovery" that they didn't make. Others have known about, talked about and published on the consolidated.db file for months. Allan and Warden have just apparently been more successful at sensationalizing the information.

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